7 Sept 2018



Another week flew by and now that I am back to routine life the time seems to run faster ! Each and every day it's the same, or almost.

I started the week with doing nothing, I rested from my weekend. Nothing means watching TV, my little crime stories which Mr. G had recorded for me during my absence, so I have to watch a lot. I also have to "work" on my computer.

Sometimes Facebook is a good invention, because I got some pictures from my travel pals, like this one which was taken at breakfast shortly before we all took off to different directions. 

And suddenly it was supper time.

A miracle happened when we played Scrabble on Tuesday, I was second ! That had never happened. I had always been the last ! After scrabble we had a delicious cake which our friend had made herself and we made plans for the forthcoming season, concerning the activities our city organizes for the seniors. It will start in October with a theatre play. Of course we will all go !

Due to the sudden rain and humid weather, the grass had grown and the bushes too ! My neighbor who lives alone now in the house just in front of ours since her mother passed away, mowed our lawn while we were absent ! What a nice surprise. It had suddenly grown that high that it was too difficult for  our "Oscar" the robot to mow the lawn. Now he can do it again.

"School" officially had started again, and although we are all retired we were forced to respect the school holidays.

Now in September we could start our painting class again.

It was very nice to see each other again and we admired the new decorations in our "class room" and at the entrance of the retirement home where we have our classes.

For the moment the mussels are on the menus of all restaurants, and I had the feeling of a pregnant women, I HAD to eat mussels with good Belgian fries (not French)

and they were delicious in the new "Lunch Garden" of the renovated Carrefour store.

When I came home Arthur appeared as usual from nowhere and meowed me a "hallo"

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5 Sept 2018


Goulash soup served in Estonia

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This has nothing to do with the goulash soup above, it is just about a thing I never thought of !

One of my friends who joined us said that she just had bought a pyjama. Nothing strange about that, but then she added : for my suitcase.

You are going on holidays we asked ? No she said it's my emergency suitcase. I never had heard of an emergency suitcase,  only for a pregnant woman ! That's what I had when I was pregnant in case we had to hurry into the hospital.

But obviously that wasn't her case. She explained that living alone you never know what happens and in case she has to be brought to hospital, she has her suitcase ready with all necessary things she would need there.

First I thought what a stupid idea even if you don't live alone, I wonder if Mr. G. will be able to pack my suitcase ! But then I thought after all that's not such a bad idea, especially for people who think of everything which could happen to them.

I am sure that I will do the suitcase ! indeed it's practical, but tomorrow I have no time, then I don't have an adequate pyjama therefore I should do some shopping, maybe next week ? Or certainly next month ? Anyway I will do it one day, I swear I have the intention !
That's already something.  !

Maybe I won't need it after all ??

3 Sept 2018


In August 2018 I made a tour around the Northern countries organized by Expat Explore. It was an unforgettable adventure !

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2 Sept 2018


This weekend was a big flea market and other festivities in Waterloo. All boutiques and shops along the main street had reduced their prices by 20 % of which of course I took advantage when I returned from Ilona. I had spend the afternoon in her garden and had talked about my travels of course.

I finally bought the yellow blouse which you can see below !

The park was packed with people who sold all kind of stuff ! Clothes, tools, furniture, lamps, toys etc ! It was amazing what people had to sell or give away for nearly nothing.

I was with Nicole and Ilona and another friend and we looked at all the things for sale. Ilona found a nice sued jacket which suited her very well.

We watched young girls performing dances

and saw the orchestra walking by

Two soldiers wanted to make a picture with us !

and a clown too ! Unfortunately the one who took the pictures must have pushed on the wrong button because I have no photo with Nicole and me and the clown.

We ended the afternoon sitting in front of an Italian restaurant and had a few drinks. I met a lot of people from the past which I hadn't seen for ages. My first neighbor in this street with her son whom I had seen as a baby and now was the father of one ! A colleague with his wife whom I hadn't seen since a long time either and a few other people. It was a real village this day.

It had been a very nice and funny afternoon and I was a bit tired when I finally returned home !