2 Sept 2022


On Monday Isabelle came to help me to empty Rick's computer. She thought it would go very quickly, but this computer behaves like an old Grandpa who can hardly walk. While the computer loaded, we had enough time to exchange all Waterloo News ! Finally it was ready to be "cleaned". I had asked Google "how do you clean a computer" and got the answer to take a humid cloth ....! I had forgotten the word "reset" !

Anyway after 2 h she had to go while the thing was still working. Eventually she would come back. 4 h later I looked on the screen and it hadn't changed a bit. The mouse was not working and the pad neither. I switched it off and put it back. There is nothing special in there so maybe I give it away like that. Students with no money will be happy to get one for free, I am sure they can make it work. 

With Adeline I visited Nicole, her head is still working normally, only she forgets a lot and has to write it down, but walking becomes worse and worse, now she doesn't want to go to a retirement home, but ask for help at home. She has already somebody who comes in the morning to wash her and get dressed and then she needs somebody for the evening, and somebody to keep her company, because she is very lonely. Her family has no time they all work and I can't go there every day either, after all I went through the same the last two years. It affects me too much. 

The widow group in my building got a new member and they all came to sit on my terrace and have a drink, now we are 5 widows, all living in the same building. The other two are men, still working. 

While we were chatting about our lives "before" it turned out that the newcomer has lived for 40 years in the same street as I and we knew the place as it was like when we moved in ! The cows, the sheep the farmer and the kids playing in the street. Now there are all houses. She lives already since the beginning here in this building which was 2001 or 2002. It was a very nice afternoon. She has the same apartment as me, only on the second floor. 

My grandson had his first  day in secondary school and got a new (adult) bicycle to get there. It's 25 min ride. He did the way a few times with his Dad and all went well. They are a little group which lives in the same area so they can go together, because a bike is nice but even Dutch people have to take the tram when it rains or snows !

They will come on Friday evening for the weekend. It's such a long time I haven't seen them "life" !
That was because of the School holidays, their holidays, my stay in Djerba and then the start into the new school, now finally we can get together !

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1 Sept 2022



1. Something you've labored over recently? 

I started to file my photos into appropriate folders and saved them on USB sticks. As it started in 2006 I have thousands of photos to file and these are only Blog photos, the others from the 60th and 70th I take pictures of them and work to improve them and then they look like new ! 

an example, a photo when I was 14 years old.

2. How will you rest on Labor Day? 

Our Labour day was on the 1st of May.  It was on a Sunday and I was probably visiting Rick. 

When an official bank holiday falls on a Sunday then we have Monday off. This was the case this year. So we had  a long Weekend. and I rested anyway ! It's funny that we don't have to work on Labour day !  

3. Margaret Mead is quoted as saying, "I learned the value of hard work by working hard." Would you agree? Where and how did you learn the value of hard work?

What hard work ? Physical or mental ? I never did real physical work so I can't say anything about it. But learning French when I came to Belgium that was hard work !! I was in a Business school knowing only a few words ! Of course I had to double the first year, but then I made it and got my diploma.

4. It's National Eat Outside Day (August 31st). Will you? Do you enjoy dining 'al fresco' or prefer indoor seating? 

When the weather is nice I like to eat outside ! 

5. Somehow it's the end of August. What was the best day of the month for you and tell us what made it so?

That's a difficult question ! I think in August my days were like a pearl necklace, each day the same, I can't remember one single day which was better then all the others. 

6. Insert your own random thought here.

Each day I think I have to change my life and look for some activities. Painting I gave up, I will go to my aqua gym again, but first I will go to the UK and spent a week at the sea maybe I get my energy back. 

Rosie too has a lack of energy




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31 Aug 2022



I saw Maxine life in a restaurant !!

29 Aug 2022



What is that ? it's disgusting ! 

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Today it's a very sad day for me ! Three month ago at 5.30 am Rick left me, son and family forever. I thought over time the pain would lessen, but actually it's getting worse. I realize I'm not the same anymore. I don't like going out as before, I prefer to stay in my apartment, even shopping becomes a burden. I force myself to at least visit Nicole or bring her to me. I do like visits though. 

 Happy times at the Garda lake

I always look what is going on, expositions, things to see and not to miss, but in the last minute I have to kick myself for everything, but that doesn't help either. And when someone asks me to meet somewhere, I usually say no.  I spent Saturday with my photos and Blog comments, fell asleep watching TV (the best sleeping pill) and then the day was over ! 

On Sunday there was a big flea market in Waterloo. Normally I like to walk around and it's so funny what people try to sell. This time I didn't want to go but Isabelle and her sister wanted to pull me out of my hole and so I walked to the park which is only a street away. 

We all found that the market was not so funny and big as usual, but rather small not a lot of stands and only one small tent where you could sit and have a drink. We ordered a coffee, which they first had to make there was none left, and we watched the people and chatted of course. I forgot to take pictures, only 3, but there was nothing special to see as the usual junk. I had enough and returned home while the two girls stayed waiting for the daughter and her partner.

The yellow tent was the only place where you could get something to drink !

Lots of empty spaces, usually it is full of people who want to sell their old things, I just met  5 people I know from our Waterloo Facebook group and they also were very disappointed. 

When I sat on a bench waiting for the others to come, a man joined me and said that since the Covid lockdown people are afraid of having fun, everybody has changed and then everything has also become more expensive. Maybe he is right.