29 Aug 2022



What is that ? it's disgusting ! 

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Today it's a very sad day for me ! Three month ago at 5.30 am Rick left me, son and family forever. I thought over time the pain would lessen, but actually it's getting worse. I realize I'm not the same anymore. I don't like going out as before, I prefer to stay in my apartment, even shopping becomes a burden. I force myself to at least visit Nicole or bring her to me. I do like visits though. 

 Happy times at the Garda lake

I always look what is going on, expositions, things to see and not to miss, but in the last minute I have to kick myself for everything, but that doesn't help either. And when someone asks me to meet somewhere, I usually say no.  I spent Saturday with my photos and Blog comments, fell asleep watching TV (the best sleeping pill) and then the day was over ! 

On Sunday there was a big flea market in Waterloo. Normally I like to walk around and it's so funny what people try to sell. This time I didn't want to go but Isabelle and her sister wanted to pull me out of my hole and so I walked to the park which is only a street away. 

We all found that the market was not so funny and big as usual, but rather small not a lot of stands and only one small tent where you could sit and have a drink. We ordered a coffee, which they first had to make there was none left, and we watched the people and chatted of course. I forgot to take pictures, only 3, but there was nothing special to see as the usual junk. I had enough and returned home while the two girls stayed waiting for the daughter and her partner.

The yellow tent was the only place where you could get something to drink !

Lots of empty spaces, usually it is full of people who want to sell their old things, I just met  5 people I know from our Waterloo Facebook group and they also were very disappointed. 

When I sat on a bench waiting for the others to come, a man joined me and said that since the Covid lockdown people are afraid of having fun, everybody has changed and then everything has also become more expensive. Maybe he is right.



  1. Gattina, I am so so sorry for your loss. Sincere condolences. I have been away from my computer for so long. You continue to be in my prayers, sending you a virtual hug.

  2. Your acquaintance is right about everything becoming more expensive. It must be awful for people with little money. It is good that you have an adequate amount. The photos are good and it looks so nice and sunny.

  3. Don't be so hard on yourself. You were together for so very long, three months is not much time at all. You do need to go on with your new life, but you also need to take time to grieve and it will be very hard for a long time. Surround yourself with those that understand and will help you.

  4. Rick feeding the kitty. We've done that too.

    I'm sorry things are getting worse for you, Gattina. I think of you often.

    Thank you for joining the Awww Mondays Blog Hop.

    Have a fabulous Awww Monday and week. ♥

  5. Flee market or an exposition are a nice occasion to go out. Apart from that, and of shopping for essentials, don't force yourself to go out. Save your energy and take care of your health!

  6. Gattina, three months; you are doing OK. It's been 3 years for me and it still hurts. I am trying to feel all the different feelings that come up out of nowhere and wonder where they come from. Returning to blogging has somehow helped and I don't know why. I agree with the man in the park: people are afraid. I am. Keep it slow. Peace will come. <3

  7. Your grief is yet in the very raw stages, and no wonder after all those wonderful years you had together.
    If I could reach out through this computer I would do so. ♥

  8. Grief affects everyone differently, but that first year is tough, especially after the initial numbness wears off.

  9. It been a ages since I been to a flea market
    Coffee is on and stay safe

  10. I think you are expecting too much of yourself. Three months is no time at all to recover from such a huge void in your life. They say it takes seven years to recover from a bereavement and I think there us a lot of truth in that statement.

  11. It takes time to grieve- I am so sorry for your loss- know that we all are thinking of you. Take Care!


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