2 Sept 2022


On Monday Isabelle came to help me to empty Rick's computer. She thought it would go very quickly, but this computer behaves like an old Grandpa who can hardly walk. While the computer loaded, we had enough time to exchange all Waterloo News ! Finally it was ready to be "cleaned". I had asked Google "how do you clean a computer" and got the answer to take a humid cloth ....! I had forgotten the word "reset" !

Anyway after 2 h she had to go while the thing was still working. Eventually she would come back. 4 h later I looked on the screen and it hadn't changed a bit. The mouse was not working and the pad neither. I switched it off and put it back. There is nothing special in there so maybe I give it away like that. Students with no money will be happy to get one for free, I am sure they can make it work. 

With Adeline I visited Nicole, her head is still working normally, only she forgets a lot and has to write it down, but walking becomes worse and worse, now she doesn't want to go to a retirement home, but ask for help at home. She has already somebody who comes in the morning to wash her and get dressed and then she needs somebody for the evening, and somebody to keep her company, because she is very lonely. Her family has no time they all work and I can't go there every day either, after all I went through the same the last two years. It affects me too much. 

The widow group in my building got a new member and they all came to sit on my terrace and have a drink, now we are 5 widows, all living in the same building. The other two are men, still working. 

While we were chatting about our lives "before" it turned out that the newcomer has lived for 40 years in the same street as I and we knew the place as it was like when we moved in ! The cows, the sheep the farmer and the kids playing in the street. Now there are all houses. She lives already since the beginning here in this building which was 2001 or 2002. It was a very nice afternoon. She has the same apartment as me, only on the second floor. 

My grandson had his first  day in secondary school and got a new (adult) bicycle to get there. It's 25 min ride. He did the way a few times with his Dad and all went well. They are a little group which lives in the same area so they can go together, because a bike is nice but even Dutch people have to take the tram when it rains or snows !

They will come on Friday evening for the weekend. It's such a long time I haven't seen them "life" !
That was because of the School holidays, their holidays, my stay in Djerba and then the start into the new school, now finally we can get together !

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  1. I recently cleaned our old computer before donating it. I ran a free programme called file shredder, and then did a factory reset. It seemed clean to me afterwards, in fact would not start up without me entering a microsoft log in which I've never had.
    Your building sounds like a good place to live for widows.
    Happy family weekend.

  2. Toby has gotten so tall! I am glad he and his dad are coming.

    I'm sad that there is another widow but glad you can all visit with and encourage each other. How interesting to find a current neighbor who used to be a neighbor elsewhere. I hope Nicole can get the help she needs. I have no idea how to clean a computer's insides. Maybe your son can help when he comes.

  3. I think a student with that older computer would know exactly how to reset it to the facttory 'clen slate'. We did that here with an old smart phone..of course my two sons are computer geeks, so that helped, LOL!
    How interesting that your new member lived in thte same place as you did, and now you're neighbours once again. Its a small world.
    In my place of work I am caring for a lady who grew up in the house three doors away from us here, but that was when both of us were still little children living in our respective cities far away from here. All the neighbours she knew are not there anymore...

    Have a wonderful weekend with your son and family.

  4. I think my high school would have been a twenty five minute bike ride too.

  5. Enjoy your time with Toby and his parents! I think my grandchildren would enjoy riding their bikes to school, but here it is not safe to ride on some of the streets.
    I hope you figure out the old computer wiping issues. (that reminds me to pull out my old one and do something about it)

  6. Nice that your group of neighbours in the same situation is expanding. Toby looks very grown up. Enjoy your time with the family this weekend.

  7. We here don't use term secondary school. I would guess it would be JR high or middle school. 6, 7, 8 or 9 grade.
    Coffee is on and stay safe

  8. Google's answer for you made me laugh out loud. Apparently Google is very literal. Toby sure is growing!


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