24 Mar 2012


A terrible drama happened in this house ! Just when I wanted to check our bank account, the Internet connection went off ! I thought maybe the account is in such a terrible state that the connection broke to protect me from the shock, but this was not the case.

Mr. G's. Computer had Internet connection so only the wireless thing didn't work. I asked him if he could have a look on mine to see what happened.

That's what he did.

As he couldn't find out immediately why my computer refused to connect, he first got excited,

then angry and then furious

Finally he called a friend, and they talked and talked, I thought I better escape and disappeared to my friend Ilona, where I spent the afternoon, sitting in the garden and enjoying the sunshine. Before I returned home I called Mr. G. and asked if my computer had Internet connection again and he said proudly "yes". So I could return home and found a man very satisfied with himself. I then had to listen to a loooong story what he had done and not done etc etc and admire his efforts and knowledges, although I didn't understand a single thing ! It's so easy to make a man happy !

23 Mar 2012


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1. Happy that my flu was over, I started acqua gym again on Monday, I also did some shopping and continued my stag night story with David locked in a coffin. The mentally disturbed guy was found killed and the grave and coffin empty.

2. Looking through my spring/summer clothes, I stated that I would need nothing, but unfortunately maybe I need nothing, but something new. Even the trees get new leaves, so I think I will imagine that I am a tree. My story continued, when the police discovered that David's bride Ashley was actually an Australian girl with 4 different names and 4 different husbands who all died under misterious circumstances and she inherited a lot of money.

3. As I had missed one acqua gym lesson I also went on wednesday to catch up the missed day. David is now prisoner of a guy named Vic who blackmails David's friend, takes the money and pushes him over the terrace banister in the 3rd floor. Of course he is found dead. Suicide is quickly excluded.

4. We had our last painting lesson before the Easter holidays and celebrated this event with fruit cakes, coffee and champagne ! While watching TV in the evening I saw a mouse hurrying from under the TV set across the tiles and under a cupboard. Followed by cat Rosie and Arthur who tried to squeeze themselves under the cupboard too, but even little Rosie was too big. We had a new resident. Continuing my book, police now found out that Vic the killer was also the one and only real husband of bride Ashley. They tried to catch a plane to Australia, but were finally arrested one chapter later.


I had lunch with a friend and we had the traditional "Moules Frites" (mussels with chips) and could sit outside, it was warm and sunny. Coming back, Mr. G. had found the mouse corpse under the dining table. In my book, they found David's finger in the fridge and David in a narrow space under the living floor in Ashley's flat. The book ended so abruptly that I read the end twice to find the end, because it ended with David's word's "how is Ashley ?". Nobody had told him that she nearly made him to her 5th departed husband. Now I have to start a new book.

22 Mar 2012


Jenny Matlock
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The first time in my life when I went to a cinema was in 1953 when I was 10 years old ! What an exciting event for a little girl ! My father's mother, the grandma I didn't know very well was on visit and took me to see the film of Queen Elizabeth II's coronation in 1953. Although she was already Queen since February 6, 1952 when she acceded her father King George, the coronation took place only one year later on June 2, 1953.

The film was already in color and I was so impressed ! From that day on I wanted to be a princess if not a queen ! I remember I played coronation with my friends with selfmade "golden"crowns, old curtains and other "royal" outfits.

I never lost my interest in Royals and royal families, in their history, stories, or scandals, weddings, birth and funerals. I mostly update myself on Royals when I have to wait somewhere, like the hairdresser, in the doctors waiting rooms or at the dentist and of course the TV series "Place Royale" (Royal Places).

From all European countries there are only these once who still have a "working" King, Queen, prince or Duke.

- The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland,
- The Kingdom Belgium,
- The Kingdom of the Netherlands,
- Grand Duchy Luxembourg,
- The Kingdom Denmark,
- The Kingdom Sweden.
- The Kingdom Norway,
- Principality Liechtenstein,
- The Kingdom Spain,
- Principality Monaco,

All the other European countries are Republics and have a boring president who is elected by the people, has nothing romantic and nothing or poor to say. The one who leads the country is a prime minister, or a chancellor (Germany), except France who has a president who leads the country.

as a bride and today. She has a lot of phantasy for her hat creations !

Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands also has a penchant for "funny" hats.

I knew all these still active Royals from when I was a young girl, when they were freshly married or just had acceded their father or mother.

except Prince Albert who is Princess Grace of Monaco's son and I knew him as a boy and the Duke of Luxembourg was 12 years old when I knew him. But of course I knew their parents.

Some people think that Royals are useless and cost money. But they have success and this romantic touch. Representing a country always costs money, the president also needs body guards and new tuxedos or suits and their wives too. But they don't attract any tourists ! I think a Royal wedding brings also quiet a lot of money to the country and lots of people get a job. When you think of all the merchandising, the tourists who spent money, the Hotels, fully booked, the restaurants full and even the transport companies make money.

Now since 53 years I am living in a country with a King and a Queen, with Princes and Princesses and although they are less interesting to the press as the British Royals, I still prefer them to a President. For politics we have our Prime Minister.

21 Mar 2012


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in my bus to Brussels .... (I took the picture myself, if ever you have doubts !)

20 Mar 2012

OUR WORLD - Ostende

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Just a week before I went to the French Riviera I visited a Friend who has a holiday flat in Ostende at the Belgian coast. (I wrote about Ostende here)

Unfortunately it was a cold and windy day in February, so we didn't do a big walk.

Directly in front of the Station is the leisure harbour of Ostend, the big habour where the ferry boats to the UK are anchored is just besides the station.

Unfortunately only very few old typical houses are still standing in the city center,

along the beach they all had been destroyed to make place to high modern buildings with a lot of appartments ! Business before beauty. This makes the seafront really ugly.

Despite the wind there were people walking on the beach

The North sea is always a little grey even when the sun is shining and very grey when it is cloudy.

To keep the kids and also adults busy they can rent a vehicle (picture above) which is called "Cuistax". It exists in all sizes for all ages and for 2, 3, 4 or more persons. Belgium is the only country which builds the "Cuistax" and they are used all along the Belgian coastline. Apparently they have a "copyright" on this kind of vehicle because it doesn't exist in other countries.

Like in the Netherlands the Flemish part of Belgium is flat like a pancake and therefore uses a lot of bicycles as means of transport.

19 Mar 2012


Helps you to remember what you have done on the weekend of March 17, 2012.

My flu or whatever it was finally left me for another victime and hopefully forever ! Of course to celebrate this event, it started to rain, although while I was carrying myself from bed to computer to TV and back to bed, the sun was shining full speed !

Not to go out too far and too long, I just went over to Dominique for a cup of coffee and a chat, I really needed to see other walls then mine ! I also continued my book, David is still in the hands of an not yet know person, who had cut off his middle finger, but he was also able to send a message to his bride calling for help but fortunately also to the police, because the bride wasn't very happy that he was still alive. I found it quiet amazing that his mobile was still working although it had been in his wet trouser's pocket for a while. Must have been a very good quality. Now the police tries to locate the mobile.

Sunday it was also grey and quiet cool, but I really needed to get some fresh air, so I went to the Waterloo market and bought already prepared food, roasted chicken with

"Stoemp"" a typical Belgian dish, and some Thai food from a friendly Thai lady. But then I hurried home because it was quiet cold and windy. In the evening I went with a friend to see "The Iron Lady" with Meryl Streep

It was very interesting and what an excellent actrice she is !

18 Mar 2012


I was informed about the Generation "Y" and wanted to share my new knowledge with you !

So now you know!

People born before 1946 were called The Silent generation

People born between 1946 and 1964 are called The Baby Boomers

People born between 1965 and 1979 are called Generation X

And people born between 1980 and 2010 are called Generation Y

Why do we call the last group Generation Y?

Y should I get a job?

Y should I leave home and find my own place?

Y should I get a car when I can borrow yours?

Y should I clean my room?

Y should I wash and iron my own clothes?

Y should I buy any food?

That's the question !