27 Mar 2010


In Belgium, a 70 year old woman who fell off her bike got an invoice of 250 € because her blood had spoiled the street and the firemen had to clean it.

In Germany a young couple who ran out of petrol and didn't have money for a taxi, called the police pretending they were carjacked, and were driven home by the police. Unfortunately for them it was discovered later on.

In the USA a truck driver pushed a wheelchair miles over the highway until the police stopped him. He hadn't realized that a man in a wheelchair whom he had touched at a petrol station was attached to the motor grid of his truck. The man took it easy he only complained that his soda had spilled over him.

In China A married Chinese businessman who could no longer afford five mistresses held a competition to decide which one to keep.But the contest took a fatal turn when one of the women, eliminated for her looks, drove the man and the four other competitors off a cliff, Chinese media reported.

Feminists around the world have reacted with horror to a new line of lingerie that comes equipped with a GPS tracking system.The lingerie combination set consists of lace bodice, bikini bottom and faux pearl collar, with the GPS device nestled in the see-through part of the bodice next to the waist. Lingerie maker Lucia Lorio of Brazil says her design targets the ‘modern, techno-savvy woman’.(suggestion for a Christmas gift)

The 54th edition of the Guinness World Records book has been released. In the 2009 version we can find a few interesting world records such as:
The World’s Oldest Bridesmaid (105 years old)
The Most Expensive Ice-cream Sundae (£12,000)
The World’s Longest Dog, with a nose to tail length of 2m 32cm (7.61 feet)
Oldest living person (114 years and 115 days – Edna Parker, US)
Largest underwater press conference (61 journalists)
Worlds fastest talker (655 words per minute) I think I should apply too

26 Mar 2010


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Last time I went to "my" Indian shop I found a very cute book about Yoga. As I am doing yoga since two years I bought it of course. I only do the gymnastic, I don't meditate about my mental health, that's anyway too late.

All important poses are presented by cats

an exercise which is easy to do !

After that you feel like a new born

Isn't that real cute ?

A friend of mine offered me these cards, showing how you can do yoga excersises during your daily life. Swing your vegetables through the air for example !

25 Mar 2010


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13 things about the Easter Bunny

1. The Easter Bunny as an Easter symbol bringing Easter eggs has its origins in Germany, both then in the Holy Roman Empire of German Nation, and southwestern Germany, where it was first recorded in a German publication in the early 1600s.

2. Rabbits and Bunnies: Rabbits are popular during Easter time because they are a reminder of spring and the new life that is abundant during springtime. They were the favorite animal of the spring goddess Eastre. The Easter bunny has its origin in pre-Christian fertility lore. The Hare and the Rabbit were the most fertile animals known and they served as symbols of the new life during the spring season.

3. The egg-laying bunny was mentioned for the first time in 1682 by the German Professor von Frankenau

4. The idea of an egg-laying bunny came to the United States in the 18th century. German immigrants in the Pennsylvania Dutch area told their children about the "Osterhas," sometimes spelled "Oschter Haws."

5. The first edible Easter Bunnies were made in Germany during the early 1800s and were made of pastry and sugar.

6. The precise origin of the ancient custom of coloring eggs is not known, but probably because eggs boiled with some flowers change their color, bringing the spring into the homes.

7. Many Christians of the Eastern Orthodox Church to this day typically dye their Easter eggs red], the color of blood, in recognition of the blood of the sacrificed Christ (and, of the renewal of life in springtime).

8. Green is also used in honor of the new foliage emerging after the long dead time of winter.

9.. Eggs, like rabbits and hares, are fertility symbols of extreme antiquity. Since birds lay eggs and rabbits and hares give birth to large litters in the early spring, these became symbols of the rising fertility of the earth

10. German Protestants wanted to retain the Catholic custom of eating colored eggs for Easter, but did not want to introduce their children to the Catholic rite of fasting. Eggs were forbidden to Catholics during the fast of Lent, which was the reason for the abundance of eggs at Easter time.

11. According to the tradition, children would build brightly colored nests, often out of caps and bonnets, in secluded areas of their homes. The "O_ster Haws_e" would, if the children had been good, lay brightly colored eggs in the nest.

12. As the tradition spread, the nest has become the manufactured, modern Easter basket, and the placing of the nest in a secluded area has become the tradition of hiding baskets.

13. Easter has become a commercially celebrated event, with shops and media advertising Easter around Spring. The Easter Bunny is usually a big part of Easter for younger children, so, it often apears on Easter commercials.

24 Mar 2010

23 Mar 2010

22 Mar 2010


Sayre asked :

If you could live anywhere, where would it be? What would you do with your time? Who would you live with? How would you get there? What accomodations would you be living with? Tell me about this life you have fantasized for yourself!

If I had to answer these questions 40 years ago, then maybe I could have fantasized another life for me, but now I am happy as I am. I don't want to live anywhere else because I haved lived here since 36 years. The only thing I dream of is to push on a button in October and find myself in Egypt at the red Sea until May with house cats and husband. But I am afraid that remains a dream !

I don't want to live with anyone else but Mr. G otherwise I would have divorced a long time ago. I also don't want to change what I am doing with my time. I love everything I do, my travels, blogging, painting and photography. From a certain age on, dreams are behind you, or do you want me to have a new lover, a new house, a new country and a new hobby at 90 ?

But I still fantasize about quick travels. I wish I could go everywhere in the world in 2 to 4 h ! Even to Australia ! Maybe one day this will come true too. I can already go from Brussels to London in 1 h 45 min and under the sea ! Unthinkable when I was a teenager !

21 Mar 2010

WEEKLY WINNERS - A British Store in Brussels

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A friend had told me that outside Brussels is a quiet big English store. The name of the place was Everberg and of course I had no idea where it was. I asked my Mrs. GPS and off we went. She directed me to the countryside !

When I arrived I really found myself in front of a Manor ! I had never seen such a store in my whole life. It really didn't look like a shop at all !

The two floor store

the name is correct !

Have you ever driven through a door like that to go shopping ?

The entrance

A telephone booth as decoration in the garden

and a friendly "Welcome" sign

even a "Manor" dog was there.

on the other side of the street was this big farm

and the geese couple greated me loudly

Poor guy, spring has not yet begun and he has already horns growing !

I bought delicious scones and sauce for Chili con Carne and some other things I don't get in a normal Belgian supermarket.