7 Aug 2010

WEEKEND FUNNIES - The installation of a fridge

With Gattina & Shakira.

Just do a funny post, something which makes us laugh that's the most important.

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As easy as had been the purchase of a new fridge, the installation was another story. The day after, I was waiting for the new fridge to be installed. Mr. G. who takes household stuff very seriously since he is retired (before he gave a sh..), was close to a nervous breakdown, because at noon nobody had showed up. I called. The guy told me they would be there in the afternoon. OK, at 4 pm I called again. He told me that the day is not yet finished and they would come (for sure) at 5.30. Meanwhile Mr. G. turned around like a lion in a cage. Of course at 6 nobody answered anymore and we were still without fridge. Apparently their day was finished !

Mr. G. throw the fresh pasta in the bin because without fridge there was now mold on it, and we ate a deep freezed Pizza. He got killer instincts.

Next morning first thing I called the shop and complained. Nobody understood what happened but they promised delivery in the morning. Of course they came in the afternoon and Mr. G. was a nervous wreck by now.

When they had taken the old fridge out, they noticed that there was no plug but only wires and therefore they couldn't install the new one. They were not allowed to install a plug because they were no electricians but only installers. Law is Law. Mr. G. gathered his last forces and called our electrician, the darling man came immediately (what a miracle !). He asked Mr. G. to switch off the fuse. Mr. G. switched off the fuse where underneath was written : kitchen.

Suddenly I had no computer anymore, the lights in the bathroom didn't work and the light on the steps didn't work either. The only thing which worked perfectly was the electricity for the fridge. They played around for a while to find the right fuse before finally they cut the whole electricity off. I watched with interest and looked forward to further events.

Finally the plug was ready, our electrician had left and the guys for the fridge came back to install the fridge. It was the wrong plug. Long discussions then a call to the electrician who came back. By the time I felt like watching a commedy. Then they were all four in the kitchen and finally managed to get the fridge in its hole and connect it to the new plug. Mr. Electrician watched the installation because he wanted to learn how to do it, you never know.

The light was on again in the whole house and I returned to my computer. I heard them laughing and discussing and finally they called me for paying the bill. No problem I thought, gave him my card which he put in his little machine and ..... the machine didn't work. It had given up its soul. Nothing to do. Of course we didn't have so much cash at home.

The two installaters and Mr. G where standing in the kitchen and looked puzzled at each other. I suggested that Mr. G quickly got some cash at the bank. They found it a good idea.
And then finally it went smooth. Mr. G. had found his spirits back drove quickly up the street to his Italian friend who keeps a gaz station, got the money and came back after 10 min.

After 3 h of work and excitement it was finally done and here is the result. I put two little cats in so that the fridge looks less nude on the picture. I also wonder if the installer wore a red T shirt on purpose to fit into my kitchen ?

Then we both collapsed on the sofa and felt like having assisted to a birth.


diane said...

It is good that you could see the funny side to it all. I guess there is no use getting upset it doesn't help. It must have been annoying with no fridge in summer.
It looks a nice new addition to your kitchen. I can't help thinking if women were doing that job it might have been organised better.
A funny story.

Jo said...

ROFL Gattina! You made my day with this funny story. My hubby is much like Mr G, not good at keeping patience. Did'nt he have an Italian friend who knew of an electrician? (lol) Your fridge (and kitties) look good in your kitchen. I agree with diane, I wonder if women had done this job it would have been better! Have a good weekend. Jo

Anonymous said...

OMG .... Bwahahaha this is just to funny and it is so you. I can just picture the whole event. And even if you didn't take a picture with the cats inside to make it look less nude I would have bought that as well. I'm still rolling in laughter, Well done.

Mar said...

What a funny story, Gattina!!it reminded me of earlier this year when the dishwasher had to be replaced. We have to pay at the store when we order the appliance, otherwise they won't come at all! enjoy your cool fridge :)

Pamela said...

we've been shopping for a fridge -- and none will fit into the space. Fridges have gotten bigger, and our space stays the same

Pamela said...

(hope we don't have the same comedy that you enjoyed)

A Lady's Life said...

lol and here I thought we had crazy people just in Canada lol

This was a funny story. I am glad Mr G is happy now lol

HOOTIN' ANNI said...

This is just too funny!!!!

Maribeth said...

Oh My God!!!
I cannot believe that it was all so difficult! I think I would have gone mad! And at the end, when their machine didn't work, I would have said to them, "Oh I'll pay you tomorrow" just like they made you wait!

claudie said...

Nice you keep the moral with all the "péripéties"!!! Quelle histoire!!! Quand ça commence ça ne s'arrête plus même pour payer!! hi, hi! Enfin finally now you have a wonderful fridge!
Comme c'est calme à la maison! Anaïs en Finlande et Mélissa à Aix en provence! Je savoure!

Jingle said...

cool humor,
Glad to see you shine and put up funnies

Melli said...

Ohhhhhhh that is hilarious! We have had JUST such experiences with appliances. FINALLY, I am to get a new stove. I have not done the shopping part yet - but I expect no difficulties with THAT part! Installation??? Who knows!