8 Aug 2010


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This week again our summer moved probably to Moscow where it is awfully hot. I couldn't enjoy nothing summerly this week, except mowing the lawn between two showers.

Our street looks wet and it rains, not very much but it is very humid. Since I hang up the little bell at the garden gate so that I can hear people ringing when we are in the garden, we never could sit outside again and nobody had to use the bell !

When my fridge broke down I put its content on the garden table ! It was cooler outside then in our basement ! And it's only August ! Yesterday morning it smelled already a little like automn. Help ! I hate this season ! So besides walking through stores and shopping centers or meeting friends, this week I felt no difference between summer and winter !

The cats too prefer to stay inside and wait that summer comes back !

I only hope that next week I can report about a wonderful warm weather because I will go for a week to the English coast and expect summer there !


  1. so comfortable inside the house.

  2. It's been warm and dry the last two days, but that is about to change and we are due for hot and humid again.
    Still no puppy.

  3. Arthur sleeping inside the house? Would have thought that he would go walking outside or garden enjoying the summer!

  4. I love how the cats share the back of the sofa - my guys do the same

    we're nearing drought conditions here so rain sounds good

  5. It seems it has been very hot in a lot of places this summer.

  6. Beautiful shots. It must be miserable. Poor thing. :)

  7. we are having summer. But it hasn't been oppressive (I saw from the air-conditioned house)

    It's only in the 80s today. I can handle that.

    Everything looks so green at your house. I like!

  8. Ohhhhhhh I DO hope you find Summer WAITING for you in England! If it's not there... come HERE! You'll find it for sure!

  9. 'This week again our summer moved probably to Moscow where it is awfully hot.'


  10. I'm getting the same hot and humid Maribeth is (I'm only a few kilometers up the road while on holiday), I'll take that over your cold and foggy though - brrr.

    I hope you have better weather on your holiday next week!

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  11. I hope Summer returns soon Gattina!
    Love the picture of the cats on the sofa!

  12. I hate hot weather and if not for the summer vacation, I think I could skip summer at all! But since we came back from Germany the hot is very bearable here, it even rained a lot, so going back to work wasn't so awful as I expected. I'm postings pics from my trip, I hope you can come visit me before you leave. Have a nice vacation.


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