13 Aug 2010


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1. I had a nice trip in the Eurostar from Brussels to Ashford (England), but was not very lucky with the weather. I left in a T-shirt and the sun was shining and I arrived in rain and it was quiet cool only 17 °C. My friend picked me up from the station and we had a lot to chat.

2. We went to Goring visiting a catholic church which had very beautiful ceiling painting. It was really amazing

3. After visiting we were very hungry and found a very cosy "Carvery"

My friends Anne and Doug at the entrance

There was a great choice and we had a real nice meal

4. In Eastbourne the airshow started so we went to the beach to watch the old and new airplanes

sitting here Anne and I had a sandwich and ice cream while watching the airplanes.

There were a lot of people and we had a lot of fun too. It was the first day of the airshow which lasts 4 days.

5. It was just a year that I hadn't been in Eastbourne so I enjoyed a little walk through this

beautiful city. I met my beloved seagulls, and everybody shakes their heads when I say that ! The locals don't like them at all.


Kats Cradle said...

The ceiling of that church looks amazing, wish you could have taken more photos of it.

Eastbourne looks a very pretty place...and I love airshows! There's an RAAF airbase about 20 km as the crow flies from here. We often get jet fighters flying overhead as well as helicopters.

I hope the weather is not too wet and cool for you. Enjoy your holiday with Anne and Doug.

Kari said...

It looks like you had a wonderful time. My family went to London this summer and we loved it.
I would love to see that church with the colorful ceilings.
Happy Weekend.

Susanne said...

What a beautiful site that ceiling in the church must have been. I love old churches and their architecture.

We have an annual international airshow here most every year. Very exciting watching the planes flying overhead as they come in and advertise.

Sherrie said...

Awesome pictures. Thanks for taking me on your trip. Looks like you had a great time. Have a great day!

Food for Thought

Melli said...

You were in Eastbourne LAST year for the air show too, weren't you? I remember one ... I don't know if it's the same one or not... I'm sure you're having a WONDERFUL visit ... but I am sorry the weather was less than you'd hoped for!

Loree said...

Oh how can they not like seagulls? I love them. Enjoy your stay.

Loree said...

Oh how can they not like seagulls? I love them. Enjoy your stay.

Beth said...

I love the ceiling photo! I don't get to travel much so love to read about other's adventures! Happy Friday!

Brenda said...

Looks like a fun holiday. I always enjoy your pictures because they are of places I have never been mostly.

Karyn said...

Looks like a lovely holiday! I saw an airshow this week, too...well, a part of one, anyway.

The church ceiling looks amazing!

cindy said...

Oh my that is a beautiful church

Laura said...

That church ceiling is simply beautiful!

This looks like you had such a fun week.

Happy weekend!