9 Aug 2010

FUN MONDAY - Brand Names which make life easy !

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Honnestly I don't care about a brand name. I noticed that today brand names are no guarantee anymore for a good quality, only they are more expensive. Your pay for the name, that's all.

That's why when I buy something which should make my life easy I first look at the price and if it has everything I want. Then only I look at the brand name by pure curiosity

The things which make my life easy are

- the washing machine (Zanussi)
- the dishwasher (Bosch)
- the micro wave (Whirlpool)
- the fridge (Whirlpool) (pure coincidence !)
- the vacuum cleaner is an AEG

and they are all good.

My car is a Opel Corsa (Vauxhall in the UK) because it was a special offer but it could have been any other brand too. Comfort and easy driving is important.

Things make my life easy not the brand names. I couldn't even name a single one as my favorite !


Mariposa said...

I am with you on the Whirlpool! I miss it though! LOL

I was running late but finally up. :)

Thanks for playing.

Tinsie said...

Hey, my washing machine is a Zanussi too. They're supposed to be very reliable (last a long time). It's one of the reasons why I chose it.

By the way, there's a reply for you in my blog, in the post about the Greek M&S food.

Gledwood said...

I don't understand the modern obsession with buying clothes from the label rather than what they actually look like. I think that's incredibly vulgar.

Are most of those brand names German by the way? I know German brands have a v good reputation for reliability...

Hey Gattina you never answered my steno question. I have a small obsession with stenography bc I am fascinated by scribbly secret codes. I learned Gregg shorthand, bc I wanted to be able to write v fast. And wanted nobody to be able to read what I put! All I was asking was whether you learned Deutsche Einheitskurzschrift or the French Emile Duploze method, or something else..? Please answer because I'm fascinated :-)

Sayre said...

I really had to wrack my brain to come up with some brand names. I usually buy on price or performance too, rather than a name. Names don't mean much anymore in almost any product, so I look for what I want and if I can get it for less with a non-name brand, that's what I go for!