5 Apr 2024


It seems that we have a life long contract with the rain. If my room would be round I could take myself for a goldfish. 

On Monday was the first of April and it's the use in Belgium to cut out a fish (how appropriate) and stick it secretly on the back of a "victim", who runs around the whole day with the fish on the back. As I have my lunch in my room, my back remained fishless. 

To make us laugh our entertainer had a pack of cards in his hands and read jokes from them or let us guess something. Unfortunately he was unsuccessful. We made an effort to laugh, but the older residents found them stupid and at the end nobody listened anymore. Poor Kim realized that he was wrong and that the jokes were not very funny for the third youth. So he stopped and we had more fun talking together, and having coffee and cake. 

The next day some Waterloo schools have the tradition to sent their 3 primary classes to the castle, when it rains they look for chocolate eggs in the rooms, if the weather is nice they search in the park. Of course it rained and I woke up at 8.30 hearing children laughing and chatting and thought I was in school !

I jumped out of my bed and looked out of the window and saw a group of little ones waiting to be let in !  

Here they are arriving

I think it is a cute tradition, but just not for me, first I am half asleep in the mornings and then I had to think of little Rosie who would get a nervous breakdown because all the little ones would want to pet her ! To be sure that no intruder entered my room I locked the door. Later I saw that on the doors where grandmas wanted to chat with the kids hang a paper egg as welcome sign. This lasted for 3 days ! Today there was the 3rd class and they were quite tall !

I bought little curtains for my bathroom, because the store doesn't close and everybody can see inside. Now it's finished and it looks nice. I put only on half of the window so that I still had the view on the park. 
As I was already out I visited a friend who had lost her husband all of a sudden last week. It was really a shock for me, because they had invited me two days before his death and now I wouldn't see him anymore. When Rick passed away they were there for me and invited me for lunch or a coffee. I would never have thought that a year later he would be gone too. 

Fortunately nothing else special happened, we played "UNO" instead of Bowling because ..... guess .... it was raining !

I took this photo this morning and thought it would be more beautiful with some more light and we are behind with the leaves too !

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3 Apr 2024


1. What's a talent you wish you had? 

Nothing comes into my mind. I was and am happy with the talents I have ! That I am a zero in Maths doesn't bother me, for that there are computers or calculators. For shopping my knowledge is enough.

2. In one word, what's your state of mind right now?

3. What's the next major purchase you need to make? Will it happen this month? This year? 

Besides clothes which I don't need, but would eventually like to buy, I have everything at least for this year, maybe a new computer for next year.

4. Tuesday (April 2nd) was National PB and J Day...did you celebrate? Is a peanut butter and jelly sandwich something you eat weekly or more? What's your favorite kind of jelly?

With peanut butter you can chase me to the moon, I hate it, I don't like the smell and it is so fatty ! I like fruit jellies if I have to eat sweet, I like strawberry. 

5. Are you easily intimidated? Who or what intimidates you? 

Certainly not, nobody intimidates me, I just think of my grandma who has told me to never be intimidated by a man, just imagine him naked ! Fortunately I never needed that !

6. Insert your own random thought here. 

I wonder when this awful weather will stop ! I am longing for light and sunshine and a blue sky ! That would help me to easier bear the grief for Rick.



Belgian beer is listed as a World Heritage property. Over 1500 different beers are produced in the country using different fermentation methods: from Pils, Abbey beers, Seasons beers, Trappist beers, Old Flemish browns, to the most elaborate lambic and Gueuzes, Belgium has a wealth of styles and a rare creativity.

Come to Belgium and try them out ! A French friend tried it ! but she is far from 1500 !


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1 Apr 2024



There is one intruder amongst the Easter Bunnies !

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Surprise, surprise ! On Easter Saturday it rained ! I got up for the last time at for me a reasonable hour, had my breakfast and watched the last lawn mower truck which mowed the lawn of the park. As soon as they were gone there came an army of crows to pick out the worms I suppose. 


I became creative suddenly, I made a few Easter cards, I had discovered a new website which had a lot of possibilities to do like Kate ! Only she didn't put Easter ears on her children. Here are my creations.

Then I had enough, and went down into the restaurant to join others and as our animator was on holidays we just chatted and shouted and laughed when one understood completely something else then the question.  Then we reminded each other to change the winter time to the summer time and everybody found this completely stupid. Those who are in their 90th said that when they were young it didn't exists and they survived. 

On Sunday it was the same it rained and no children showed up to collect eggs. A lot of residents had been taken home by their children and the castle was rather empty. I had not to change my winter/summer hours, it was done automatically except the Swatch on my left arm. 

Rosie had set already her summer hour and woke me up because she was hungry, it was 7 new time (yesterday it would have been 6 but she is used to ask for food at 7). I fed her and returned into my bed when I saw the grey rainy weather outside. Half an hour later I woke up again, somebody had sent me a message. I turned around and tried to sleep again when a 2nd message arrived at 9 am. As that was also my winter time I got up. For the second time my coffee was cold but I got 5 croissants ! I asked for hot coffee and ate my 5 croissants which were delicious still a bit warm. 

Until lunch I was occupied with my computer, then chatted with the young cleaning man about his cat which apparently he loves very much and he is also the only man whom Rosie likes !

The afternoon I spent with the others, and visitors arrived to wish a happy Easter to their grandma or great grandma. (the Grandpas and Great grandpas were all in heaven or hell, or in another life)

Tomorrow is another day off still for Easter, it was the first Easter I have spent without any decoration !