3 Apr 2024



Belgian beer is listed as a World Heritage property. Over 1500 different beers are produced in the country using different fermentation methods: from Pils, Abbey beers, Seasons beers, Trappist beers, Old Flemish browns, to the most elaborate lambic and Gueuzes, Belgium has a wealth of styles and a rare creativity.

Come to Belgium and try them out ! A French friend tried it ! but she is far from 1500 !


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  1. My sons would love to come there to sample them all! I am of Dutch heritage, and they too have a lot of beers there....as we do even here in Michigan!
    I myself prefer wine over beer, sometimes our sons let me sample one that they think I might like....and sometimes I do and sometimes do not, LOL!!

  2. I remember from my visit in Belgium years ago, that even McDonalds served beer, and I quite liked its taste.

  3. I also drink wine, not beer. But I know most Australians, especially males, prefer beer. Belgium should run beer tasting festivals here, thus increasing the exports.

  4. I tend to prefer IPAs - the hoppier the better - when I drink beer, which isn't so often any more. But this looks like a grand place to share a brew with friends.
    Thanks for sharing at https://image-in-ing.blogspot.com/2024/04/wynnes-extra-special-granola.html

  5. Love a good beer, although due to dietary reasons, I have not had a drop in more than 7 weeks.
    I visited you via Comedy Plus - Wordless Wednesday. My entries are #46+48. Feel free to join SSPS Linkup M-S: https://esmesalon.com/tag/seniorsalonpitstop/


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