1 Jun 2018



The weak started with a heat wave and I thought I would melt. I told Mr. G. not to be surprised if he would find some bones, grease and hairs on our terrace which would be my remains.

I moved my office outside

there it was nice and a little windy and I could do my things in company of Arthur, who also entertained me with special positions !

We still have not all the documents required for our trip through the Northern countries. My friend came over and we tried to do it together ! We had to book a bus for Amsterdam where the trip starts and this was confirmed and paid without any problems. Same for the hotel in Amsterdam, we managed to get the same hotel where we all get together and start the tour the next day. This took us almost the whole afternoon, before we could sit a bit outside and have a drink.

I finally got the recommendation letter for Russia from my travel company it's all written in Russian only my name I could read ! This was really important because we have to apply for a visa, for all other countries we only need our passport.

Now that 99 % of the travel organization is done I finally can enjoy the fact that I will see so many countries !

Our TV program was interrupted because a crazy man (this time a Belgian) had killed two police women and a young man who sat in his car. People say they have heard "Allah agbar" before he was killed by  the police. We are not so shocked as it was for the first time when it happened. I think unfortunately we get used to these events !

We had changed our Scrabble day, because two of our friends were on holidays.

We played at Nicole's, it was rather difficult and  I lost. And while we were laughing and had fun, her neighbor worked in the already perfect garden and we wondered what was still to do in there. She is a bit strange, cleaning is her hobby and I have never seen her without boots and working gloves !!

For the first time since a few month I had started painting again. Suddenly I had an inspiration. This time I didn't paint a cat but I tried something abstract and "painted" with a sponge. The result was better than I thought and I was happy.

It had rained a bit but the temperature is still around 25 °C and I have the impression to sit in a hothouse !

Comment emails are still not arriving in my email inbox ! I wonder how long it will take to fix this problem. Has anybody an idea ??

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30 May 2018


Giant mikado

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I start to think it's better not to switch on the Television. The program was interrupted this morning because a shooting had taken place in Liège, about 100 km from Brussels.

At 10:30, a man with a knife stabbed two policewomen, assaulted them from behind, stabbed them multiple times, seized their weapons, shot and killed the policewomen. He continued his escape and killed a 22-year-old man in a car, sitting at the passenger side.

Four other police officers were injured, the gunman was finally shot.

He was identified as Benjamin Hermann, born in 1985. He was known for common law crimes (robbery, assault, criminal association ...) and was deemed ultra-violent.

Despite this tragic event the level of the terrorist threat in Belgium remains at 2.

This confirms again that wherever you go in the world it can happen. When I travel to Egypt people ask me if I am not afraid of terror attacks. But where I go it's just a very peaceful corner. I think it's more dangerous finally to stay here ! Anyway when your time has come it doesn't matter where you are ! 

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29 May 2018


During the weekend on the site of the Waterloo Lion's Battlefield, was a very special event: Dinner in the Sky facing the Lion’s Mound. Of course I had to go there and have a look.

Every day, a chef will take you to the stars for a magical experience: a unique view at a height of 40m against the Lion while enjoying the menus concocted by the greatest chefs of the region.

From breakfast to a starred dinner, but also a gourmet lunch and an afternoon tea formula, with family, friends or couples. The formulas are accessible to both companies and individuals.

When I arrived at the entrance

The Lion observed the event ! Usually it's so calm on the site !

and then I saw the "restaurant" hanging high up

It looked a bit strange but I could hear the people laughing and singing and enjoying their meal !

on the ground I saw white tents

A bar on the ground

It looked quite inviting

Beer barrels as tables

and a cosy inside view of the tents.

I had arrived early on purpose to be able to take pictures, because later in the afternoon it was packed with people who wanted to see this unique restaurant in the sky.

I didn't go, I would have liked if I would have been invited, because it was rather expensive but certainly worthwhile for some people.

I found this video on YouTube and it gives you an idea how it worked.

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28 May 2018


It had been very hot this weekend with temperatures up to 30°C (86F) and I spent most of the time on the terrace in our garden. There was a little wind and the heat supportable. I had moved my computer and worked outside. I also watched a movie and felt on holidays !

Late afternoon I went to the "Waterloo Apero" which is organized each week for the inhabitants of Waterloo. My friends were on holidays abroad so I went there alone, but I knew so many people that it was nice and very funny.

Sunday morning it was very warm and sticky ! I went to the market to buy some roasted chicken, little grilled potatoes and tomatoes for a salad for our supper.

I moved my office outside and could stay the whole afternoon, although it rained at some moment and then the sun came out again. Only the temperature didn't change.

And while I surfed on my computer, a delicious smell came from our new neighbors garden. Apparently they did a barbecue, I also saw some smoke around the corner. I would have preferred to smell the freshly mowed lawn, instead of kitchen smells, but of course when the weather is so nice, a barbecue is nearly a must. But we had just had our lunch !

The smell was a little special to my nose, probably because of the spices, our neighbors are from Lebanon.

and then I heard my name, Jean was calling me and gave me this plate over the hedge. It was covered with this flat bread and underneath was roasted chicken and pieces of veal with some vegetables I don't what it was and two different sauces. It looked delicious. It was really very kind of them to introduce us to the Lebanese kitchen ! We will eat it tonight as a starter !

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