28 May 2018


It had been very hot this weekend with temperatures up to 30°C (86F) and I spent most of the time on the terrace in our garden. There was a little wind and the heat supportable. I had moved my computer and worked outside. I also watched a movie and felt on holidays !

Late afternoon I went to the "Waterloo Apero" which is organized each week for the inhabitants of Waterloo. My friends were on holidays abroad so I went there alone, but I knew so many people that it was nice and very funny.

Sunday morning it was very warm and sticky ! I went to the market to buy some roasted chicken, little grilled potatoes and tomatoes for a salad for our supper.

I moved my office outside and could stay the whole afternoon, although it rained at some moment and then the sun came out again. Only the temperature didn't change.

And while I surfed on my computer, a delicious smell came from our new neighbors garden. Apparently they did a barbecue, I also saw some smoke around the corner. I would have preferred to smell the freshly mowed lawn, instead of kitchen smells, but of course when the weather is so nice, a barbecue is nearly a must. But we had just had our lunch !

The smell was a little special to my nose, probably because of the spices, our neighbors are from Lebanon.

and then I heard my name, Jean was calling me and gave me this plate over the hedge. It was covered with this flat bread and underneath was roasted chicken and pieces of veal with some vegetables I don't what it was and two different sauces. It looked delicious. It was really very kind of them to introduce us to the Lebanese kitchen ! We will eat it tonight as a starter !

PS. I don't get your comments in my emails ! Has anybody the same problem ? Help needed !!


William Kendall said...

Very good of them to do!

Apparently we're in for some heat here.

Loree said...

How nice of your neighbours to share their barbecue with you.

Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

I want your neighbors to move next door to me! That looks delicious. It is so fun to try different Ethnic food -- one of our favorite ways to eat out. (But like you I don't really enjoy the scent of food cooking when I'm not hungry.)

peppylady (Dora) said...

Looks joyful and fun

Lady Fi said...

What fun!

Maribeth said...

That was so kind of them! What a nice surprise. I'm afraid no one ever invites us or sends plates of foods over! Too bad, I am so tired of cooking! Have a good week!