15 Jun 2019


People change over the years from childhood on. Of course I can't remember, but my parents found that I was too shy. Especially my father who wanted that I open my arms to everybody even when I was a baby ! I didn't go along with him so the others ... I have been told that when I saw him I started to scream when I was a baby. I think my instinct had already told me what kind of man he was.

In kindergarten and then in primary school, I had two friends and that was it. I hated my teacher and was not social at all. I was a bookworm and spent most of my free time reading books. I only became a tigress when a vicious girl in my class or the teacher bullied a poor little classmate which was unable to defend herself.

When I became a teenager I still wasn't very social, I had my two friends, read a lot, and dreamt a lot. With the time boys were very interested in me and I found that strange because I always thought I was ugly which had been put in my mind by my father.

Everything changed when I was moved to Brussels and went to the German school. Suddenly I became social, even more then social and now I am not shy anymore at all, rather the opposite and you can put me in a coach with 40 people I don't know, after an hour I socialize with everybody and then select the once I like. One Australian guy called me a "Party Girl" and that was last year at 75 !

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14 Jun 2019


As usual the week started with our Scrabble and this time it was my turn. I had bought English cakes again which were very much appreciated. Nicole is doggy sitting, the dog of her daughter, a 17 year old "Bichon". The dog with the nice name Tara, looked very young and was not disturbing my cats. I think they felt that it was a grandma.

We had again a very moody weather, rain, sunshine, rain etc, as it was raining and I didn't like my head anymore, I went to the hairdresser. After that a felt better.

I went to the Indian Shop Mala India and bought a case for my camera. They have nice cases, which don't look like a camera case and therefore are not so interesting for pick pockets or other long fingered people.

For once the grass was dry and I put our Oscar outside to mow the lawn, while I watched a funny crime story with two bodies in one coffin.

When the murder was found, Oscar also had finished his work and I put him in his "bed".

Each year our city organizes a trip for the seniors. This time they had chosen a city in France, Boulogne sur mer, the Nausicaà aquarium, which according to the Frenches is the biggest aquarium in Europe. I don't know, but I have my doubts. I will write a post about it.

Then we went to a nice restaurant where we stayed for 3 hours to eat 4 courses with very sophisticated names ! If I translate them into English it sounds a bit different.

1. Welcome white of white champagne method and three niblets amusing your mouth which was sparkling white wine and a stamp size piece of bread with something on it.

2. fresh melting Salmon on sweet haring, rocket salad with endive vinaigrette a simple salmon steak with rocket salad and a vinaigrette sauce.

4. A duckling leg comfit with orange, apple Berny, onion chutney, which was a chicken leg,(hidden) in a very good orange sauce but everybody noticed immediately that it  was not a duckling leg.The apple Bernie was a potato cut in slices squeezed together with a scrambled egg.

5. Two unnamed pieces of cheese

6. Charlotte in Genièvre which was a piece of cake with Genièvre taste

I must admit the French titles on a simple food sound great ! But it has been real good !

We found this trip the worst we had ever done ! 500 km to see an aquarium which needed a bit of restoration, and which really wasn't made for seniors or handicapped people, staying 3 hours at table and then went back home to Waterloo. So far each year we had real nice travels. This was an exception according to us.

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11 Jun 2019


Now I can see the birds again !

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Dirty windows on which you can write "pig" are ugly ! No sunshine comes in and everything outside looks like in mist. Too clean windows can be dangerous, at least in my case.

In my youth I liked to admire real jewelery in gold with beautiful stones, now I don't care anymore I wear fashion bling bling, or silver with nice stones. In one jewelry shop I saw a few necklaces and bracelets which I found real beautiful. I wanted to take a closer look, and indeed it was very close as I bumped full speed with my head into the window. It made such a noise that the salesman ran outside to see if there was nothing broken he thought it was a stone. Which confirmed Mr. G's opinion that I have a hard head ! Fortunately he was with me and could just catch me in his arms, because I was so dizzy that I would have fallen on the sidewalk.

I can't remember the jewelries, but the blue/violet bump on my forehead did. The colors of the bump were similar to the once on the precious stones  !

This is a true story !

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10 Jun 2019


There was a nice exhibition of a Belgian famous sculptor living in Waterloo and his sculptures and paintings were exposed in Waterloo. Yves Bosquet was born in Brussels/Uccle, in  1939.

His grandparents were musicians, his father was an engineer and his mother was a painter. At age 18, he took ceramic courses in Brussels and then became interested in sculpture, terracotta, and painting

In 1962,  he moved to Waterloo. Their house was large enough to house a workshop, a ceramic oven. Before being able to live from sculpture, he was a house painter, then an interior designer at the Brussels' opera for Maurice Béjart ballets. Now he is  very well known for his beautiful busts he creates for special orders or for sale in auctions. 

Yves Bosquet

Right at the entrance over your head, wooden seagulls were flying. At least in my opinion there  were seagulls, all carved in wood ! Wonderful work

and then the first wooden femaile statue, and a special picture hanging on the wall.

This little boy looked so real !

It must have taken him hours to carve these beautiful statues out of a trunk !

To me this girl playing a violin was the best !

The exposed paintings on wood, were not so my taste, but I can understand that people like them decorating their homes.

and an overview of the exhibition

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Ikea has the best beds !

I am sooo tired !




I had hoped that after this awful week, it would be a nice weekend. Lots of activities were announced, mediaval villages, flea markets, old timer show, and much more, but then we got a nice gift, this time from France a storm with the nice name Miguel and all activities were cancelled ! 

With the result, that I just did my shopping when the wind was a little slower, I didn't want to get a tree on the roof. I drove by Myriam's house and stopped to ask her how she felt with this storm, she had attached trees at the hedge and all garden furniture put in a safe corner.

I had nothing to do in the garden, as we have no trees anymore and the furniture was protected. In the middle of the night I thought somebody was shooting with a machine gun against the metal garage door and our shutters, but it was only hail but with the size of a pea ! The pictures above I have stolen from Internet, I didn't go out anymore. There were a lot of damages in the whole country, but fortunately at least to my knowledge no death.

On Sunday it had calmed down and the sun was shining, but not for long. I went to the market met with Myriam and then went home. I had the blues each time I went to the bathroom, cat Kim wasn't there anymore.  Wind makes me nervous and apparently Mr. G too, because he bitched the whole day. There was only one thing to do .... escape so he could bitch against the walls. I went to Nicole and got comfort from little Isis her cat and a good cup of coffee.

Fortunately in the evening was the Formular 1 which glues him on the TV screen, the king or queen could call or  I could drop dead on his shoes,  he wouldn't even realize. So I retired behind my computer and looked for old pictures from Italy and our friend who had died this week at the same age as me which of course was not a good idea, because I felt so sad and exhausted.