14 Jun 2019


As usual the week started with our Scrabble and this time it was my turn. I had bought English cakes again which were very much appreciated. Nicole is doggy sitting, the dog of her daughter, a 17 year old "Bichon". The dog with the nice name Tara, looked very young and was not disturbing my cats. I think they felt that it was a grandma.

We had again a very moody weather, rain, sunshine, rain etc, as it was raining and I didn't like my head anymore, I went to the hairdresser. After that a felt better.

I went to the Indian Shop Mala India and bought a case for my camera. They have nice cases, which don't look like a camera case and therefore are not so interesting for pick pockets or other long fingered people.

For once the grass was dry and I put our Oscar outside to mow the lawn, while I watched a funny crime story with two bodies in one coffin.

When the murder was found, Oscar also had finished his work and I put him in his "bed".

Each year our city organizes a trip for the seniors. This time they had chosen a city in France, Boulogne sur mer, the Nausicaà aquarium, which according to the Frenches is the biggest aquarium in Europe. I don't know, but I have my doubts. I will write a post about it.

Then we went to a nice restaurant where we stayed for 3 hours to eat 4 courses with very sophisticated names ! If I translate them into English it sounds a bit different.

1. Welcome white of white champagne method and three niblets amusing your mouth which was sparkling white wine and a stamp size piece of bread with something on it.

2. fresh melting Salmon on sweet haring, rocket salad with endive vinaigrette a simple salmon steak with rocket salad and a vinaigrette sauce.

4. A duckling leg comfit with orange, apple Berny, onion chutney, which was a chicken leg,(hidden) in a very good orange sauce but everybody noticed immediately that it  was not a duckling leg.The apple Bernie was a potato cut in slices squeezed together with a scrambled egg.

5. Two unnamed pieces of cheese

6. Charlotte in Genièvre which was a piece of cake with Genièvre taste

I must admit the French titles on a simple food sound great ! But it has been real good !

We found this trip the worst we had ever done ! 500 km to see an aquarium which needed a bit of restoration, and which really wasn't made for seniors or handicapped people, staying 3 hours at table and then went back home to Waterloo. So far each year we had real nice travels. This was an exception according to us.

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