15 Jun 2019


People change over the years from childhood on. Of course I can't remember, but my parents found that I was too shy. Especially my father who wanted that I open my arms to everybody even when I was a baby ! I didn't go along with him so the others ... I have been told that when I saw him I started to scream when I was a baby. I think my instinct had already told me what kind of man he was.

In kindergarten and then in primary school, I had two friends and that was it. I hated my teacher and was not social at all. I was a bookworm and spent most of my free time reading books. I only became a tigress when a vicious girl in my class or the teacher bullied a poor little classmate which was unable to defend herself.

When I became a teenager I still wasn't very social, I had my two friends, read a lot, and dreamt a lot. With the time boys were very interested in me and I found that strange because I always thought I was ugly which had been put in my mind by my father.

Everything changed when I was moved to Brussels and went to the German school. Suddenly I became social, even more then social and now I am not shy anymore at all, rather the opposite and you can put me in a coach with 40 people I don't know, after an hour I socialize with everybody and then select the once I like. One Australian guy called me a "Party Girl" and that was last year at 75 !

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