10 Jun 2019


There was a nice exhibition of a Belgian famous sculptor living in Waterloo and his sculptures and paintings were exposed in Waterloo. Yves Bosquet was born in Brussels/Uccle, in  1939.

His grandparents were musicians, his father was an engineer and his mother was a painter. At age 18, he took ceramic courses in Brussels and then became interested in sculpture, terracotta, and painting

In 1962,  he moved to Waterloo. Their house was large enough to house a workshop, a ceramic oven. Before being able to live from sculpture, he was a house painter, then an interior designer at the Brussels' opera for Maurice BĂ©jart ballets. Now he is  very well known for his beautiful busts he creates for special orders or for sale in auctions. 

Yves Bosquet

Right at the entrance over your head, wooden seagulls were flying. At least in my opinion there  were seagulls, all carved in wood ! Wonderful work

and then the first wooden femaile statue, and a special picture hanging on the wall.

This little boy looked so real !

It must have taken him hours to carve these beautiful statues out of a trunk !

To me this girl playing a violin was the best !

The exposed paintings on wood, were not so my taste, but I can understand that people like them decorating their homes.

and an overview of the exhibition

more participants here

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