11 Jun 2019


Now I can see the birds again !

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Dirty windows on which you can write "pig" are ugly ! No sunshine comes in and everything outside looks like in mist. Too clean windows can be dangerous, at least in my case.

In my youth I liked to admire real jewelery in gold with beautiful stones, now I don't care anymore I wear fashion bling bling, or silver with nice stones. In one jewelry shop I saw a few necklaces and bracelets which I found real beautiful. I wanted to take a closer look, and indeed it was very close as I bumped full speed with my head into the window. It made such a noise that the salesman ran outside to see if there was nothing broken he thought it was a stone. Which confirmed Mr. G's opinion that I have a hard head ! Fortunately he was with me and could just catch me in his arms, because I was so dizzy that I would have fallen on the sidewalk.

I can't remember the jewelries, but the blue/violet bump on my forehead did. The colors of the bump were similar to the once on the precious stones  !

This is a true story !

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