5 Jun 2010


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The Frenchs in our hotel were very excited because a very famous comedian known in all French speaking countries was staying in our hotel in Marrakech with body guards, manager and a whole bunch of people for his show.

I had never seen this guy because I don't like French comedians, and was therefore considered as very ignorant. My friend showed me Jamel (that is his name) and asked me to take pictures, as I have a nice zoom at my camera. So I shot and shot in his direction in the hope that he would be on at least one picture. It was as if you had Dany DeVito with you at the swimming pool and wouldn't take one picture.

When I had finished my shooting, my friend came back and I proudly told her that I had taken plenty of pictures of Jamel. She looked at me as if I had lost my mind and said : but he is gone since half an hour, I met him when he went back to his room !

that's what I shot blinded by the sun, some crew members, and then himself with his sister and little nephew

BTW I am back and the sun is shining in Belgium, must be a mistake;

4 Jun 2010


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I am still in Morocco, our round trip is finished so I thought I show you the Hotel where we are staying for 5 days.

Don't think we won in the lottery, but it was part of the travel package price. Some people returned home after the round trip, others stayed for a few days to rest.

The swimming pool where we "work" whole day

The swimming pool bar, our breakfast and supper corner and the view from our balcony

A general view of the hotel inside

a nice boutique and beautiful decorations

The reception hall

and yours truly at work !

3 Jun 2010


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I am still in Morocco for another two days ! So I thought I take you on a little tour through a very beautiful and old residential quarter in Rabat the capital of Morocco.


our group starting the tour. All houses are blue and white and the streets so narrow that no car can get through


It all looks so fresh and light


Pots with plants in front of the doors and a little boy watching us tourists !


A modern telephone and satellite dishes on the roofs !


carpets hanging out to dry in the sun


beautiful tiles as a separation between the blue and the white


flowers hanging everywhere


The most beautiful garbage container I have ever seen !


Green bridges from house to house and the streets are of cobble stones


behind houses are built and things restored.


quiet a lot of steps are leading you up and down through a white and blue labyrinth



and after our walk a well earned break with the traditional mint tea !

2 Jun 2010


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on a highway to Rabat (Morocco)

1 Jun 2010

MY WORLD - Morrocan Souq

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I am still in Morocco for another 4 days before we fly back home to Brussels. This time my world was in Souqs ! A Souq is something you have to see to believe it. It's a kind of market but it isn't a market like we know. It is a mixture of very old houses, nearly ruins, or real treasures like here at the entrance

You can buy almost everything your heart wants

Sometimes you think the roof will fall on your head, but it stands there since centuries

the streets are very narrow and "all you can eat" people would have some difficulties to walk in there

Leather for sale

a nice roof to make some shade

My friend taking pictures

For a special meal

only small vehicles can go through

sometimes you go through an old door and find places like here

donkies or mules are the ideal transporters

another little street

still all handmade


beautiful carpets

a bride carrier

The beautiful morrocan leather seats

and (again) exhausted tourists !

31 May 2010


The Church Lady 's assignment is to post a photo of something patriotic or post a photo honoring a veteran, as there is a holiday in the USA.

As a German you can easily imagine that German soldiers were not very well seen and veterans never celebrated. I also think it is not a very appropriate topic for a "Fun Monday", but that is only my opinion.

As I am still on holidays in Morocco I thought I show you a few pictures of the Royal Guards who watch over the Royal Palace of King Mohamed VI.

A horse guard

royal soldiers walking by

I liked the fancy uniforms