31 May 2010


The Church Lady 's assignment is to post a photo of something patriotic or post a photo honoring a veteran, as there is a holiday in the USA.

As a German you can easily imagine that German soldiers were not very well seen and veterans never celebrated. I also think it is not a very appropriate topic for a "Fun Monday", but that is only my opinion.

As I am still on holidays in Morocco I thought I show you a few pictures of the Royal Guards who watch over the Royal Palace of King Mohamed VI.

A horse guard

royal soldiers walking by

I liked the fancy uniforms


Thom said...

Love these. Very well done. It's hard for me to keep up with who is hosting for the next Monday. I don't know how much longer I'm going to do these. :(

Mariposa said...

Thanks for the tour Gattina!

Jan n Jer said...

Just for the record...I am the product of German imigrants and also have a German BIL who also came to this country for a better life. He served in our U.S. army and was proud to defend our great Country. So this day is very important to us here in the United States and we are proud to celebrate! It is an option to play FM, if I dont like the subject...I just dont play! Just my thoughts! Looks like your having a great getaway... great photos.

Sayre said...

Thom - As soon as a host is identified, I put them in my sidebar along with a link to their blog. You can keep track at

Gattina - I like those fancy uniforms too. I wonder how comfortable they are?

Memorial Day in the States is a time of rememberence, but it's also a holiday - which traditionally marks the beginning of summer (schools are being let out, vacations are being planned) with barbecues, pool parties and a day off of work. It's not the intended celebration but when it was made an official holiday back in 1968, the focus of remembering fallen heroes shifted to partying. Many people do spend some time flying the flag or attending a parade or some kind of memorial service, but for MOST Americans, it's time to unwind. Sad, but true.

Loree said...

Hope you're enjoying Morocco. Are you getting nice weather?

Maribeth said...

For me, Memorial Day was my day of planting my garden this year. Yes, I thought of the brave men and women who served this country, but I worked very hard to plant the garden!

Faye said...

Am loving your travel photos Gattina--and passing your link along to friend Janice who plans to travel in Moracco soon.

This morning in our newspaper there was a front page story about a woman in Belgium who has "adopted" the grave of an American soldier from Kentucky. His family had no idea where he was buried until this Belgium woman contacted our newspaper by e-mail trying to find them. He's buried in the Henri-Chapelle American Cemetery and Memorial in Belgium. His family is so glad to know his final resting place.

Sandy said...

Memorial Day, although not made an official holiday until 1968, has it's beginnings shortly after our "War Between the States" or "Civil War". It started when some northern ladies, while tending the graves of their fallen, also tended the graves of the "enemies" in hopes that southern ladies would tend their sons' final resting places.

So here's to all of the fallen heroes who fought for their countries and their loved ones and may God bless their families.

claudie said...

Like the pic with the guards under the parassol!!!! I ask to me how they can support the uniform in summer!!!

Lifecruiser Travel Blog said...

Love the first photo of the horse guard!