9 Dec 2016


Looking in the sky from my beach bed

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Our holidays are almost finished we will leave heavy heartedly on Saturday afternoon.
The weather has changed a bit, it cooled down and it is still very windy. Behind the wind screen it's OK but as soon as you get up it's freezing ! Nevertheless Chantal is very brave and swims every day, I don't, it's too cold when I get out. Chantal had polio when she was 3 years old and has to walk with crutches now.

Yesterday evening we attended a show for the first time and it was very nice. It took place in the lobby and we had a belly dancer and a whirling dervish. The girl who danced was very good, because not all of them are good of course. The whirling dervish had a beautiful costume with light garlands sewed around the skirts and that looked fantastic when he whirled around. Unfortunately I sat behind a column and couldn't take good pictures, but still it gives an idea of gorgeous costume.

We all had a lot of fun, some people danced afterwards and the animation team did its best to entertain us. We had played scrabble before and were tired so after the show we went to bed.

The belly dancer

The whirling Dervish

The animation team entertaining the guests

The security guard politely left his seat to this lady !

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7 Dec 2016


St Nicolas and his black companion

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Yesterday was St. Nicolaus day, very much celebrated in the Netherlands, even more than Christmas, but not so well known or celebrated in other countries, except the Germans.

So to make the Dutch guests happy there was St. Nicolas with his companion Farmhand Rupert or Servant Rupert and greeted the guests. Afterwards he went from table to table and asked if we had been good the whole year apparently we all were, because he was content with our behaviour. He asked me to get up and make this picture of us.

St Nicolaus and me

We play Scrabble

 and  our place on the beach

It is still very windy and we hide behind our windscreens. But it is warm and we can swim, only getting out of the water is a little cold !

6 Dec 2016


Today it was so windy that 2 wind screens flew away. Fortunately nobody was hurt. We lay behind 2 and so the wind didn't disturb us, but impossible to swim in the sea, the waves were far too high ! But Nicole and Chantal went for aqua gym in the swimming pool. I was too lazy.

Late afternoon we took a taxi and went to the new Hurghada. Apparently as there is a terrible lack of tourists nobody goes to the old little fisher town anymore but to the new built tourist places which we hadn't seen yet. We went to the Cleopatra store, very big and bought all what we needed. Gold and silver jewelry is very cheap, it's almost half price or even less than at home. Nicole bought two pairs of earrings and a ring and Chantal too and a bracelet.

Finally we had everything and called for a taxi. One stopped. We had paid 2 € to the shop which is really very cheap, and of course we wanted to pay the same price back. He wanted 5, I told him we had paid two and I wouldn't pay more. He swore probably but then agreed. We sat in the car. Then he started to ask for more money. I told him we agreed on 2 € and he wouldn't get more. He swore more I suppose so I told him to stop and let us out.

Chantal had her hand open with the two € and he took one. But he didn't stop. As I was the only one speaking English, I told him again to stop. Suddenly he agreed on 3 €, I said OK. Then he drove like crazy doubling left and right and horned and insulted other taxi drivers it was really crazy ! After that he got lost he mixed up the hotel names and drove us to another one. We told him that this wasn't our hotel, long discussion and then he wanted 5 € because the way had been longer, and at that moment I decided not to answer anymore which he took for an agreement. Nicole was in fear she thought he would beat us or whatever and I told her to keep quiet, I still had the two crutches of Chantal ! (in case)  When finally we arrived at our hotel, I jumped out of the car before he could do anything and called the security service of our hotel. The guy came and I shouted over the street that we had troubles with the taxi driver ! The driver took the 2 € Chantal gave him and went off like a flash !

Poor Nicole had to calm down, Chantal and I laughed and thanked our security man !

The rest of the evening we spent chatting with a couple from Paris who also had some similar adventures. Exceptions are everywhere because all the other Egyptian people were very friendly and correct.

The new Hurghada

Our shop

Souvenirs of all kinds

Beautiful jewelry in gold and silver


Even a cat but not for sale

and wooden boxes decorated with mother of pearls.

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5 Dec 2016


Today the sun hid behind clouds and only came out from time to time. But nevertheless we stayed on the beach.

Yesterday evening I was invited by the management for supper which was given for all guests who had been in this hotel more than 5 times.

It was in a special room very nicely decorated and with individual tables. We were quite a lot of Germans and Brits. I would say half and half. My table neighbors were very nice people. Alley (besides me) came from Scotland and the other couple too, but were originally from Yorkshire. We had a lot of fun together and I think we were the last once to leave. The General Manager came to our table when he saw that I had asked a waiter to take a picture of us four. Of course there was the usual speach and then a very nice menu.

During breakfast Nicole complained about the coffee machine because each time she pushed on the button there was milk coming out ! But she didn't want milk she wanted coffee. Finally there were 3 waiters around her to solve the problem. I arrived too to see what happened and also for taking a coffee. And what did I see ... she always pushed on the button "Milk" because she hadn't read, but just pushed the same button than on the other coffee machine, where it's black coffee at the same place ! So we all laughed and she finally got her coffee !

Today it's already one week we are here ! Time flies by so quickly !

4 Dec 2016


Today lots of people left and probably new once will arrive. One of our new friends had to go and she was very sad.

Nicole got a little sunburn because the day was cloudy and she didn't think that just then the sun is very strong ! I think the sun has affected my brain because I am so absent minded  ! This morning I put the sugar in the little waste pot on the table and the paper in my coffee !

and when I wanted to put suncream on my body, I got styling mousse on my arm ! I had  taken the wrong bottle !

Nicole's sun hat suddenly parted and I put it on my head and she took this picture.

The view on Hurghada was very clear today. The temperature dropped slightly to 26° which is still more than enough.

When we arrived in the restaurant for supper, one table was set up with flowers. It was a single lady who apparently had her birthday. Cooks and waiters danced around her table with drums and othr instruments and sang happy birthday. We all joined in and it was very funny ! The cake she ate alone !