6 Dec 2016


Today it was so windy that 2 wind screens flew away. Fortunately nobody was hurt. We lay behind 2 and so the wind didn't disturb us, but impossible to swim in the sea, the waves were far too high ! But Nicole and Chantal went for aqua gym in the swimming pool. I was too lazy.

Late afternoon we took a taxi and went to the new Hurghada. Apparently as there is a terrible lack of tourists nobody goes to the old little fisher town anymore but to the new built tourist places which we hadn't seen yet. We went to the Cleopatra store, very big and bought all what we needed. Gold and silver jewelry is very cheap, it's almost half price or even less than at home. Nicole bought two pairs of earrings and a ring and Chantal too and a bracelet.

Finally we had everything and called for a taxi. One stopped. We had paid 2 € to the shop which is really very cheap, and of course we wanted to pay the same price back. He wanted 5, I told him we had paid two and I wouldn't pay more. He swore probably but then agreed. We sat in the car. Then he started to ask for more money. I told him we agreed on 2 € and he wouldn't get more. He swore more I suppose so I told him to stop and let us out.

Chantal had her hand open with the two € and he took one. But he didn't stop. As I was the only one speaking English, I told him again to stop. Suddenly he agreed on 3 €, I said OK. Then he drove like crazy doubling left and right and horned and insulted other taxi drivers it was really crazy ! After that he got lost he mixed up the hotel names and drove us to another one. We told him that this wasn't our hotel, long discussion and then he wanted 5 € because the way had been longer, and at that moment I decided not to answer anymore which he took for an agreement. Nicole was in fear she thought he would beat us or whatever and I told her to keep quiet, I still had the two crutches of Chantal ! (in case)  When finally we arrived at our hotel, I jumped out of the car before he could do anything and called the security service of our hotel. The guy came and I shouted over the street that we had troubles with the taxi driver ! The driver took the 2 € Chantal gave him and went off like a flash !

Poor Nicole had to calm down, Chantal and I laughed and thanked our security man !

The rest of the evening we spent chatting with a couple from Paris who also had some similar adventures. Exceptions are everywhere because all the other Egyptian people were very friendly and correct.

The new Hurghada

Our shop

Souvenirs of all kinds

Beautiful jewelry in gold and silver


Even a cat but not for sale

and wooden boxes decorated with mother of pearls.

more participants here


Photo Cache said...

I am for a store with an inhouse cat.

Worth a Thousand Words

mamasmercantile said...

I loved all the beautiful wooden boxes, a real delight.

Mara said...

You go girl! I would have probably paid the 5 euro! I will have to learn from you.

Fun60 said...

The store looks so quiet. You three seem to have adventures wherever you go.

Loree said...

What an adventure you have had.

Wendy said...

An adventurous afternoon. Looks a good place to shop. Hope the wind drops tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

Now that's some shopping place! Pretty calico kitty. Glad you weren't hurt when the screens blew down.

colleen said...

That wind sounds scary. Thanks for the tour.

diane b said...

You are brave to stick to your guns and not give in to the taxi driver. Well done. You are a good travel partner to have.