4 Dec 2016


Today lots of people left and probably new once will arrive. One of our new friends had to go and she was very sad.

Nicole got a little sunburn because the day was cloudy and she didn't think that just then the sun is very strong ! I think the sun has affected my brain because I am so absent minded  ! This morning I put the sugar in the little waste pot on the table and the paper in my coffee !

and when I wanted to put suncream on my body, I got styling mousse on my arm ! I had  taken the wrong bottle !

Nicole's sun hat suddenly parted and I put it on my head and she took this picture.

The view on Hurghada was very clear today. The temperature dropped slightly to 26° which is still more than enough.

When we arrived in the restaurant for supper, one table was set up with flowers. It was a single lady who apparently had her birthday. Cooks and waiters danced around her table with drums and othr instruments and sang happy birthday. We all joined in and it was very funny ! The cake she ate alone !


mamasmercantile said...

Such a shame about the hat, but at least you had a little fun with it.

Wendy said...

I guess it was nice they made a fuss of the lady but I think if I was alone on my birthday I wouldn't want to draw attention to myself.

Little Wandering Wren said...

Hello - what a good holiday you are having - well aside from the stomach bugs and the spiders in the water! Loved the photo in the hat!
Have fun!
Wren x

Jo said...

I had a hat that did that, and my friend wore it while I photographed her! I must find it somewhere now... The sun certainly has frazzled your brain a little to bring mousse to the beach. LOL. Have a wonderful day.

Andrew said...

That was a nice thing for the hotel to do for a solo traveller.

Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

I am following yhour whole trip -- better late than never. That single lady was very brave to let herself to be serenaded like that as a solo -- I am embarrassed to be the center of attention even when I am with other people - I never go out on my birthday at least to that kind of place that sings. (But in Mexico we have had Mariachi bands serendae us at our table for no reason at all (except perhaps for tips they hope). I don't like it -- I do like to listen to their music, just not when it is just for me.