20 Apr 2024


For Easter I usually got an "egg" from Rick. As nobody else offered me an "egg" I thought I will buy it myself and I am sure Rick would very much approve my choice !

It's very cute and cuddly and keeps us company. I have to admit that Rosie ignores it, once she had sniffed the feet.

Again it was horrible outside this time we had hail, storm and of course rain. Wonderful ! Fortunately the activity we had was very nice we were given a letter and had to find the longest word we could. That was quite funny because with a lot of fantasy some people found words, which of course didn't exist. Then as usual we had our coffee. Amandine our occupational therapist announced us that she will leave the residence for another one, where she has more opportunities to exercise her profession, because with us she rather feels like an entertainer ! I don't see much difference except that she will work with heavy brain damaged people ! She is really brave! It is not easy to deal with these sick people. We are all sad to see her leaving but on the other hand she is young and has to build up her career. 

My new friend Lina has her room just on the other end of the hallway, with a not so nice view on the street and houses. Now she got another room, just around the corner it's the same room I have also with view on the park ! Now we are 4 girls on the same floor, who fit well together. That's nice, but we respect each others privacy. 

Lina was not so happy with her new room, because she doesn't know how and where to put her furniture, which curtain to choose etc, etc. So she was happy to hear, that I love to arrange a room, and know already where I will put what I don't need a plan. So I told her what I would do and she was really happy that I would help her. She has a very nice family, her son comes each morning and has breakfast with her, he brings fresh croissants and then he is off to work, at lunch time her daughter always brings a salad and cheese and then they share the menu we get. I have never heard of a retirement home that visitors can bring their lunch to keep company to their relatives ! Even with dogs !

The terrace is cleaned and the summer furniture taken out, unfortunately this hasn't influenced the bad weather ! To us it looks very inviting ! We could play our games outside ! 

I have to force me to go out but I had to buy my fruits and go to the pharmacy. I could order my prescriptions here, but as long as I can move and drive, I will do it myself. 

We ended the Weekend activities with a cross word game. I have never done cross words, my mother could spend hours with her cross words. I didn't find a single one, while a 96 year old found a lot of words ! 

The park becomes green and more green and we are all longing to go out, but it's cold for the season we have almost winter temperatures. I had asked the nurse who was the Easter Bunny, and who is very tall, to look in my wardrobe just under the ceiling to see what was in there ! And she found all my summer clothes and blouses ! Was I happy ! I thought they had gone during the move, and it was dresses I had bought in Egypt for very hot weather, I am apparently an optimist. In a fit of energy, I made space in my closet and hung up the summer clothes, then I asked a young trainee to put my winter coats and jackets on the top of the closet. That made a lot of space. Now it just needs to get warm!

Little Rosie had such long claws that she got stuck everywhere and of course scratched me when she didn't want to. I called my lady groomer from long time ago when I had to go with my long haired Kim. I hadn't seen her anymore since the Covid prison. It was nice to see each other again and we chatted a bit about what all had happened. Rosie who had sang operas in the car, was an angel while her claws were cut. She didn't meow a word ! In the car she started again, but less and finally when we arrived, she smelled immediately where she was. In my room I let her out and she found her cat tree immediately, and finished her claws on her own scratching tower. 

Nearly everything is green by now ! (view from my window)


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17 Apr 2024


 1. What's a skill you think everyone should have? 

being polite

2. Do you have a special place or organizational system for gift wrapping? Do you still buy 'real' cards to send for birthdays, anniversaries, get-well, etc? 

I am not talented at all for gift wrapping, if there is a mountain of gift packages, you can see immediately the one I wrapped ! Since more and more people I know have an email, I only send self-made email cards, or I call the person. I've never been a fan of postcards; I preferred writing letters or making phone calls.

 3. It's National Banana Day...are you a fan? What's your favorite thing to make with bananas or, if you're not a cook, your favorite thing to eat that contains banana? 

I like bananas, but I have no fantasy at all how to eat it otherwise then just peeled or cut in little pieces if I mix it with other fruits.

4. Do you believe in second chances? Elaborate. 

I really don't know, because belong now to the 3rd youth. 

I had one big chance in my life which lasted 54 years, now honestly I don't want a second chance I only want a healthy life as long as possible without loosing my mind and be able to still have fun. 

5. What is your idea of fun? 

I like to have company and meet up with friends, I like to go to the theater to see a fun play, or to Shows and musicals.

6. Insert your own random thought here. 

Despite the fact that we are really spoiled here, and they try to cheer us up with interesting games we all are affected by this terrible weather, nobody even the nearly 100 years old remember such a rather warm but always humid or rainy weather.

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Whirling Dervish Show in Egypt

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15 Apr 2024



Lunch time !

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On Saturday it was a dream weather ! 23° and after lunch I went in the park sat in the sun and purred !

Suddenly I saw  a small truck that was unloading a lot of stuff and that was later put together as a big tent. 

Waterloo city had started to build up the tents and everything necessary for the Sunday's dog show and promenade ! For the first time the departure and the arrival took place in our park. So we had a lot to see the whole day !

We watched how they put up two enclosures for the dogs to run free and distress, before the promenade started.

When Saturday evening I looked out of my window I saw one big enclosure ready !

Now they were ready for the next day's reception of all dogs and their owners !


and the entrance tent too ! Here the owners of the dogs got a number and a map as guide for the walk and dog shows in two other parks.

at 2 pm sharp they started arriving !

of course there were  barks of greeting and then they all sniffed each other properly.

and here I saw the first Corgi in real and not with Elisabeth on photos ! I had thought they would be much smaller but this one looked like a German Shepherd dog whose legs had been cut off. 

As I approached he stood up and ran towards me as if he had known me his whole life. Unfortunately, he almost pulled his owner off her bench! He tried to climb onto my lap, but couldn't because he was too big. Luckily I had my jeans on! So it was love at first sight and I told the owner that I probably had royal blood in my veins, but that my name wasn't Elisabeth. We all laughed, they are really funny dogs.

This one was not so keen for a walk and preferred to stay with us.

And then they started their promenade to the next meeting point. There was also a police demonstration in another park but I had had my dose of dogs. 

I don't know what kind of dog he is, but he looked really uncombed. He also came to me to be petted and it was difficult to find his eyes ! 

From the arrival we didn't see very much, not to disturb the residents the bar where the dogs drank water and their owners beer, was on the other end of the park. 

Isabelle came to visit me and watch the dog arrival, I have to say I had a real nice weekend and we were so lucky that the sun was shining !