22 Dec 2023


On Monday was my personal historical day, I don't know why I was in such a stressed state ! I officially gave back the keys to my apartment.  My asthma was very severe and I didn't feel well at all. Luckily Laura, my friend, took over everything, I was like a ghost. And then after my folding chair collapsed under me and I fell on the kitchen floor, The two men helped me on my feet, very worried, but I had nothing I signed the papers and Laura made sure that I did everything right. Then I went home and collapsed on my sofa.

The next days I slept until 9 am and was still tired and in the evening I was in my bed at at 9 pm. But then I read until midnight ! Besides creating Christmas and reading Blog posts I did nothing. I lived like the sisters of Snow White, who didn't nothing too. It is real nice, the only thing I have to do is to dress myself and feed little Rosie. But I took out my little box with Christmas decorations, just a few. I didn't want to do anything, as I will  be alone, but I think I got orders from another world and Rick told me to do at last a bit. He loved my Christmas decoration, as he grew up in Italy and there were other uses, he never had a Christmas tree, but a handmade crib. The Christmas tree and the uses which come with it, he learned from me and loved it.

The whole week I asked to serve my meals in my room, I didn't want to see anybody, I was feeling rather bad and could hardly walk, because it was hard to breath. After the Holidays they will ask for  my Doctor, because even that I don't have to do anymore .... call for an appointment, this was yesterday and what happened ? Today I was fresh like a rose, I had absolutely nothing, and after lunch I took my  car and went into a store, I wanted to buy some socks and just have a look around. I hope it will last, at least a few days.

Here is my decorated room, Rosie is the supervisor and a picture of my  doll house furniture, which I managed to take along too. Now it's finished with moving !!

The entrance from our castle and the reception was also decorated !

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20 Dec 2023


 1. Did you do more talking or more listening yesterday? Was it by choice or by necessity?

Yesterday ? I had to listen more by necessity, because I had a meeting with my landlord and an expert to give the keys back and the expert looked around to see that I hadn't demolished anything or made a fire in the living room. They were satisfied because I left the apartment exactly how I got it. But when it was over  I talked more by choice !

 2. Are you a tea drinker? Hot, cold, or both? Flavored? What do you like in your tea? Do you make Christmas tea this time of year? What time of day do you like to sip your tea? 
I drink tea only in Egypt which is called Karkade. It is made from Hibiscus leaves, but the Hibiscus looks different then here in Europe. In all North African countries this tea is drunk cold or hot and is very refreshing. Unfortunately I don't have any real hibiscus leaves anymore  and what is sold here as hibiscus tea tastes different.
the leaves

and a glass of tea, hot or cold
Otherwise I am only a tea drinker when I have to

3. What's an activity you won't try, an event you won't attend, or an athletic challenge you won't take part in not even for 'all the tea in China'

No sport, no piano concert except Elton John, and certainly no athletic challenge !

4. What's something most people seem to love but is not 'your cup of tea'? 

Sport, gymnastic, running, etc I am far too lazy for that

5. How does your family celebrate New Year's Eve? 

No idea. Christmas is a family event and for New Year each family member does what he wants ! the youth goes out and the oldies eat and drink.

6. Insert your own random thought here. 

The only thought I have is to fall asleep and wake up when Christmas and New Year is over !



 Christmas decoration in Brussels.




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