12 May 2012


I am back from Amsterdam, where I exercised my Grandma job for the first time !

It was not at all like this,

It went very well, he didn't loose his appetite in my presence !

and he made a big smile early morning, when I just got up as you can see !

This is for a little later

11 May 2012


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1. The week started with sunshine, so I had the opportunity to plant my flowers which I had bought last Friday and which were still standing on the terrace.

I  collected a lot of snail shells, I had put a special product on the plants to kill them because this year again we have a whole snail invasion !

2. The next day it rained again, so I still have 3 pots to be filled with plants. I also had to go to the dermatologist to check a spot I have on the skin and I don't want to get skin cancer, fortunately everything was OK.

3. My son called me and asked me if I could come to Amsterdam for 2 days to babysit little Toby, because they had important things to do, where they couldn't take him along as he only goes 3 days per week to daycare for the moment.

In pouring rain I took the train, and arrived in Amsterdam at 5 pm. My son had told me to go to the left when I get out of the station and there I should ask where the tramway stops are. Of course as usual I probably mixed up left with right, but suddenly I arrived in front of a tramway, where my son patted me on my shoulder ! I couldn't explain him how I arrived at the right place immediately !

4. I started my Grandma job for the first time and asked them for the "user manual" after more than 30 years things have changed and I also had forgotten. But it came back quite quickly and we spent a nice time together. He was really a very easy baby at least when he was alone with me.

We played together, watched a little baby movie and then he ate with big appetite a whole roll with raisins !


The weather was as bad as in Belgium, but fortunately in the afternoon it cleared up and we went to the "Keukenhof" which is very famous for it's Tulip flowers fields and also called the Garden of Europe.

We walked around, and admired the flowers and little Toby had fun on the playground and in the little zoo with little pigs, goats and a cute calf. Toby shared an ice cream with me and liked it very much.

Today will return home to Waterloo. I am very happy with the result of my first Grandma job. Apperently Toby got quickly used to me.

10 May 2012


Jenny Matlock
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Four years ago I owned a yellow car. Now you probably wonder why I say that, everybody today has a car and therefore it's nothing special. But mine was special ! It was yellow ! I didn't order a yellow one on purpose, but I needed a car immediately because mine had been stolen and I had to take the one they had in stock and that car was a bright yellow  ! Even Google Earth would have located me.

 It didn't look bad, I would say, but WAS not very discreet. I could never have been a detective and follow a car with an unfaithful husband, a secret service agent or a spy. I would have been noticed by everybody.

Sometimes when I met people, friends or neighbors, they told me : "you went to the cinema", "you were shopping at Carrefour" "I saw your car in front of the City hall" "I saw your car in our street, what did you do there ?"

At the very beginning  I wondered why so many people had seen me and knew where I had been. But after a while I understood. It was because of my yellow car ! The mechanic from the garage where I had bought my car,  told me that I was the only person in the whole city with a yellow car ! No wonder that everybody knew where I had been.

So I thought as long as I have my "discreet" yellow car, I have to behave correctly, I can't do anything illegal : robbing a bank, dealing drugs or only be a drunken driver. 

I had to conduct a respectable life and drive my yellow car without attracting attention.

After 10 years of celebrity my car let me down too often so I had to buy a new one.  Again I hadn't the choice of the color but this time it was a very discreet one .... grey blue. Now I can go wherever I want to incognito, nobody notices me, I am like everybody !

9 May 2012

8 May 2012


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The first of May is a holiday in Belgium. It was quiet cool, but the sun was shining and together with a friend we went to the Domain of Huizing close to Brussels.
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7 May 2012


Helps you to remember what you have done on weekend May 5, 2012.

What a weekend ! The weather was just awful ! Mr. G. managed to clean the entrance with the Karcher, after having done the terrace the day before, just when the sun shined for a few minutes, before it disappeared and it started to rain again !

Sir Arthur thought it's now so clean it would need some muddy paw prints. At least one work finished !

The flowers which I wanted to plant, are still sitting outside in their cartons, I managed to plant 4 begonias in two pots, when I had to stop and go inside because it started to rain again.

So I went over to Dominique who, each Saturday morning does painting classes for these little girls, usually there are two more, but they were sick ! They are all very motivated and start to become real little artists. It was fun to watch them painting.

Sunday it was even worse, although it didn't rain, but it was very cold and windy. I hurried to the market to buy roasted chicken breast and vegetables for our supper took some pictures because there also was a little fair, but it was really not fun at all to stay outside !

The afternoon I was busy with the creation of new headers, watched a little movie and we had to turn the heating on ! Dominique came over because we wanted to organize our trip to London, there are special offers for the Musical "Ghost" combined with a hotel stay. We want to go there in June and at this occasion also meet my blogfriend Jo from South Africa, but actually living in Tanzania,who comes to London with her husband. As we live so far from each other this will be an unique opportunity to meet each other "life" !

The evening we spent with Inspector Barnaby and his Midsomer Murders, at least there it didn't rain  and according to the clothes it also was quiet warm.

For next week it won't be better only the temperatures will raise a little more !

Sweet May has come to love us, Flowers, trees, their blossoms don; And through the blue heavens above us The very clouds move on.”
Heinrich Heine (of course that was in 18hundred something !)

6 May 2012


Looking out of the window, this is the view I have since a few weeks, with some shy interruptions when the sun tries to make a hole in the clouds.

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That's what I am asking myself too ! I have plants ready to be put in the pots !

We are considering ...

My cats soon need a boat too ...

Fortunately there are signs to warn you !

I'll try it with philosophy !