11 May 2012


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1. The week started with sunshine, so I had the opportunity to plant my flowers which I had bought last Friday and which were still standing on the terrace.

I  collected a lot of snail shells, I had put a special product on the plants to kill them because this year again we have a whole snail invasion !

2. The next day it rained again, so I still have 3 pots to be filled with plants. I also had to go to the dermatologist to check a spot I have on the skin and I don't want to get skin cancer, fortunately everything was OK.

3. My son called me and asked me if I could come to Amsterdam for 2 days to babysit little Toby, because they had important things to do, where they couldn't take him along as he only goes 3 days per week to daycare for the moment.

In pouring rain I took the train, and arrived in Amsterdam at 5 pm. My son had told me to go to the left when I get out of the station and there I should ask where the tramway stops are. Of course as usual I probably mixed up left with right, but suddenly I arrived in front of a tramway, where my son patted me on my shoulder ! I couldn't explain him how I arrived at the right place immediately !

4. I started my Grandma job for the first time and asked them for the "user manual" after more than 30 years things have changed and I also had forgotten. But it came back quite quickly and we spent a nice time together. He was really a very easy baby at least when he was alone with me.

We played together, watched a little baby movie and then he ate with big appetite a whole roll with raisins !


The weather was as bad as in Belgium, but fortunately in the afternoon it cleared up and we went to the "Keukenhof" which is very famous for it's Tulip flowers fields and also called the Garden of Europe.

We walked around, and admired the flowers and little Toby had fun on the playground and in the little zoo with little pigs, goats and a cute calf. Toby shared an ice cream with me and liked it very much.

Today will return home to Waterloo. I am very happy with the result of my first Grandma job. Apperently Toby got quickly used to me.


MaR said...

Well, congratulations, Omi, you managed wonderfully. Toby looks very sweet, he enjoyed your company too!! the tulips are glorious. Travel safely.

Jientje said...

I agree with Mar, you did great! I'd love to see the Keukenhof one day, maybe next year? At least we had one day of sunshine eh? I do hope we get some sunny stable weather soon, so depressing this weather!

Jo said...

Congratulations! You took up the baton and ran with at terribly short notice and came out tops! Wow! Toby is a sweet-looking little boy and looks very peaceful and calm in your care. Well done! I have lost my touch as grandma, as I've been away from family since mid-2009. Pity. Your grandmother duties reminded me of Diane caring for their oldest grandson in the US. She is looking very fit with all the running and playing! Good on both you fantastic grandmas. Oh yes, I have the habit of confusing left and right much to my dh's irritation. Lol! Thanks for sharing your week with us. Have a great (and rested) weekend. Jo

Sallie (FullTime-Life.com said...

Good for you Grandma -- lucky Toby! (Things haven't changed all that much over the years as far as toddlers, have they?)

Cezar and Léia said...

Escargot invasion? :)
God bless you!

Linens and Royals said...

A job well done, you passed the Grandma test and you saw the beautiful gardens as a reward. I'm sure you will be asked back for a repeat performance.

Barbara H. said...

It's wonderful the Grandma job went so well! I'm wondering how I will do when my time comes, who knows when that will be -- I'm very much out of practice! That garden looks lovely.

I did a little planting in containers this week, too.

I'm glad the spot on your hand was okay.

Brenda said...

Your grandson is beautiful!

I too potted some plants this week, its spring and its the thing to do!

sandra carlier said...

Fantastique! Et voilà! Maintenant Toby et toi vous êtes deux bons copains! C'est formidable! Finalement cette occasion permet de vivre vraiment cette belle relation d'une mamie avec son petit fils!

Willow said...

Fun with Grandson would be at the top of my list too--in fact it was one of my faves.

Laura@OutnumberedMom said...

Toby is SO cute! And I love the picture at the top, with you and him.

The flower gardens are lovely, too. But spending time with the grandson would have been top of my list, too!

Have a great week ahead.

Mom24 said...

Aww. He's adorable and how sweet of you to help your son out. Glad you had a good time.