21 Jan 2022



On Monday I had to go to the post office to return the parcel with Toby's Christmas gift, as I had been wrong and had mixed up "Chicago Bulls" with "Red Bulls" !an unforgivable error of a not up to date grandmother! Probably I kept Red Bull in mind because it is a drink, but it is also a football club ! (soccer)!

Going to the post office is a punishment as all people are covid tired  but not for gossiping ! First I had to take a number and wait until I was called. I waited, listening to the 3 employees discussing their domestic problems. 

The fact that the room was full of people with numbers in their hands didn't bother them at all. Finally it was my turn and then it went pretty quickly, the whole thing also cost 10 € and the package should arrive in 5 days. I would probably have walked better if I hadn't been so lazy. After that, I went to Aldi with Adeline and we shopped for the week. Then we put our things away, and drank a well-deserved non-alcoholic beer! We were very thirsty! 

The next day I filled in my freezer and have now meals from all countries. It tastes very good and there are a lot of vegetables in the food.

Very easy just to warm up in the Microwave and another advantage is quality and price. 

Then it was Rick's day, I had  bought him socks and as usual the wafels, he was again very tired and rather confused, so  I took his laundry and let him sleep ! Sad to see him like that ! That's no life anymore! As usual I was quite depressed when I returned home and continued to sort out my picture and remember our old life together !

Nicole's brain cancer also develops in the  wrong direction, but her brain still works perfectly ! The only handicap she has is that she forgets everything. 

I picked her up, had called half an hour before, to be sure she would be ready, arrived.... and she couldn't find her keys, even after half an hour where we were busy to look in all corners drawers, pockets, nothing to do the key remained in its hidden place.

Finally we left without key and asked her daughter to pick her up at 6 pm with a spare key. Adeline came over too and we had a nice afternoon. I finally got rid of my the Norwegian omelet I had bought for Christmas. I had never tried such an omelet and found it quite sweet, but the other two liked it so much that the bowl for 4 people was suddenly empty. 

 We discussed my rental contract, because I thought the amount I was supposed to pay as charges was too high. Nicole, who used to rent several apartments herself, was able to help me despite her brain cancer. The brain works strangely, it can't find a key or has  difficulties to dress but analyzing a lease is no problem. 

The afternoon passed too quickly and Nicole's daughter came to pick her up. I realized that it had been a very long time since I had invited anyone. 

Rosie is tired she had been petted the whole afternoon and listened to the chatting of 3 female humans !

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20 Jan 2022


1. It's National Popcorn Day-my favorite! Are you a fan? Sweet or salty? A good or great movie you've seen recently (at home or in a theater, either one)?

I was around 8 years old, when I ate my first Popcorn. My American aunt had sent us a kind of rice which my grandma cooked for hours but it  remained still hard like a stone. It was beginning the 50 and no way to call and ask why the rice remained so hard. The explanation came and this time it was my mother's turn. She followed all instructions the only thing she forgot was to put a cover on the pot. Suddenly the grains exploded in the whole kitchen and became like hard snowflakes ! My mother nearly got a nervous breakdown while I found that very funny and caught some and ate them. Today of course I mostly eat them in a cinema and I prefer rather salty.  

2. What's something you didn't realize was going to take so much of your time as an adult?

This cute little boy (monster) ! His education and upbringing, but it was worthwhile !!

3. Your favorite yellow something? 

I love sunflowers they are my favorites, and their yellow is warm and not cold !

4. Why do you write? 

Why ? Because I love to write as soon as I had learned to read and write I started a diary. I was very bad at school except in writing there I was the first ! I also had a blooming phantasy so that came on purpose to write little stories which nobody read. Blogging was my saviour at least now I write and people can read what I write all over the world. That's a real hobby !

5. Share a favorite memory associated with snow. 

That's difficult as I don't like snow, except twice in my life, when I was a child and had a slide and with a whole group of kids we had fun in the snow, built snowmen and stole a carrot in the kitchen, for the nose. Then was a long pause where I ranted about the snow, and then  I had again a lot of fun to slide down the hill with my little son ! 

Snow pleasures

6. Insert your own random thought here. 

I have no special thoughts except that I long for spring ! Every day is the same except the Corona related statistics which become so  boring that  I don't even read them anymore. 



19 Jan 2022


The Belgian national dish. The best mussels and the best fries ! 

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18 Jan 2022


Since 2008 my Blogfriend Claudie and I visited each other when she had school holidays. Once in Brussel, once in Ollioules/France. Until last year. Of course I made a lot of photos and here I show you the habour of Sanary in the South of France, where each Sunday a market takes place mostly fresh fish and seafruits just caught !

sea orchins

and later on the table !

A way along the sea


Sanary is a popular place for retired people who live permanently there. That's why the whole year long there is something going on, while other little Tourist towns are only full in Summer.


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17 Jan 2022







On Saturday morning I was woken up by a rumble in the room, I wanted to sleep longer, but not Rosie, she has a clock in her stomach and it was half past eight! She played with a mouse which she threw in the air and then tried to catch it again. So I scolded a bit and got up. Rosie left the mouse and disappeared. When I came into the kitchen she was already in her basket and looked at me innocently.

In the afternoon my son called me that he would come with Toby who wanted to see his friend Benji because on the last visit they hadn't seen each other long enough !  

My son combined playing Golf with his friend, Benji's father and at the same time help me with all things which are difficult to do for me and I needed some help. 

He brought the Christmas things to the basement and also looked a bit into Rick's computer, I want to clean it and there are eventually things which he wants to back up.

Then we went to eat a hamburger and then to Rick. Toby devoured two large hamburgers and then we drove to Rick's. Unfortunately it wasn't a good day for him, he was quite confused and tired so we didn't stay long and then dropped Toby off at his friend Benji's. 

It was a beautiful day almost spring ! We returned home and Dario looked through the cables but there were so many that he told me he would do that next time, probably I can throw or give away most of them. We chatted the rest of the afternoon and then he left to join Toby at his friend's.

I was very tired although I hadn't done anything special and had been happy to see them, but I think it is the booster shot on past Thursday which makes me unusually tired. I have heard that from other people that it could take 2 weeks ! So I had my supper, watched a movie and went to bed.  

On Sunday I didn't see my men until 5 pm. I thought at least the older giant would come earlier, but the Golf had lasted longer. So I went in war with this dammit online bank account that I still managed not to open, but I am one step further ! I was able to cancel their phone nr which was blocked by error in the spams and so I could get at least the code !.

Finally they arrived and fortunately I hadn't prepared anything to eat, because when they are only the two they mostly eat what a mother would call "junk food". Nonna was happy because she hadn't to cook. To change from Hamburgers and Pizzas, we choose Pittas ! The little restaurant where Dario bought our pittas existed already when he was a teenager and even later as an adult, before he arrived at our home, he had bought the Pittas. they were still excellent and we had a " royally" laid table !

As usual they had a very good appetite while I couldn't eat all !

With a full belly not even the ice cream had place, we chatted a bit and then it was time to return to Amsterdam, as Toby has school tomorrow. He has to wear a mask at school but only outside and not in the schoolroom, while here the poor kids from 6 years old have to wear the mask also inside.

Last time he had forgotten his Christmas sweater, so he wore it now ! 

Rick was not really aware that he had his son and grandson as visitors, he was occupied with the remote control of his TV which for the x time didn't work because he had repaired it !

Rosie who hasn't forgotten the two intruders watched them from far gobbling down the pittas, It didn't interest her a bit !