21 Jan 2022



On Monday I had to go to the post office to return the parcel with Toby's Christmas gift, as I had been wrong and had mixed up "Chicago Bulls" with "Red Bulls" !an unforgivable error of a not up to date grandmother! Probably I kept Red Bull in mind because it is a drink, but it is also a football club ! (soccer)!

Going to the post office is a punishment as all people are covid tired  but not for gossiping ! First I had to take a number and wait until I was called. I waited, listening to the 3 employees discussing their domestic problems. 

The fact that the room was full of people with numbers in their hands didn't bother them at all. Finally it was my turn and then it went pretty quickly, the whole thing also cost 10 € and the package should arrive in 5 days. I would probably have walked better if I hadn't been so lazy. After that, I went to Aldi with Adeline and we shopped for the week. Then we put our things away, and drank a well-deserved non-alcoholic beer! We were very thirsty! 

The next day I filled in my freezer and have now meals from all countries. It tastes very good and there are a lot of vegetables in the food.

Very easy just to warm up in the Microwave and another advantage is quality and price. 

Then it was Rick's day, I had  bought him socks and as usual the wafels, he was again very tired and rather confused, so  I took his laundry and let him sleep ! Sad to see him like that ! That's no life anymore! As usual I was quite depressed when I returned home and continued to sort out my picture and remember our old life together !

Nicole's brain cancer also develops in the  wrong direction, but her brain still works perfectly ! The only handicap she has is that she forgets everything. 

I picked her up, had called half an hour before, to be sure she would be ready, arrived.... and she couldn't find her keys, even after half an hour where we were busy to look in all corners drawers, pockets, nothing to do the key remained in its hidden place.

Finally we left without key and asked her daughter to pick her up at 6 pm with a spare key. Adeline came over too and we had a nice afternoon. I finally got rid of my the Norwegian omelet I had bought for Christmas. I had never tried such an omelet and found it quite sweet, but the other two liked it so much that the bowl for 4 people was suddenly empty. 

 We discussed my rental contract, because I thought the amount I was supposed to pay as charges was too high. Nicole, who used to rent several apartments herself, was able to help me despite her brain cancer. The brain works strangely, it can't find a key or has  difficulties to dress but analyzing a lease is no problem. 

The afternoon passed too quickly and Nicole's daughter came to pick her up. I realized that it had been a very long time since I had invited anyone. 

Rosie is tired she had been petted the whole afternoon and listened to the chatting of 3 female humans !

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  1. We saw the original Red Bulls office or factory in Austria.

    I thought you bought your apartment. My memory is not good, as my partner reminds me.

  2. I will tell Toby ! That it really exists ! He surprised me last time, we were watching a little funny film and I said "the American accent is not so easy to understand then the Brithish one" He looked at me and said "but Nonna that's not American that's Australian" !!! (Do I have a genius as grandson ??? I didn't even know that he speaks English too now ! or at least he understands, especially what he shouldn't understand !!

    1. So often the young ones put us in our place lol. I hope your friend found her key eventually.

  3. hahha The Chicago Bulls are a BASKETBALL team (not soccer!)....now keep in mind I could care less about basketball but that's all we hear about over here in the states in the winter months. (that and the Super Bowl (Football).
    In our house we are BOSTON RED SOX (baseball) fans of course!
    That's funny though about the Red Bull.....that drink is downright nasty!

    I hope your husband has more good days this week......

    thank God for those wonderful memories and pictures you have.

    i hope you have the chance to have more friends over. Been a LONG time since we have had that here.

  4. I am completely in love with Rosie!! She is such a sweetie!!! Annster's Domain

  5. Haha!! That's why I am worried that I will no longer be able to mutter naughty things when I am angry if son the elder is at home as he is working to learn Dutch!

    I guess I shall have to bone up on my French, German and Italian...oh and I know a Polish naughty word, too...LOL! Learned that from a Polish teacher I had years ago, he was my Music teacher...I miss that man and his family, sometimes I would go to his house.

    Gald your freezer and fridge are full of good things to eat...and I hope next time you go to visit Rick, thaty he will be in a better frame.

    Stay strong! I think of you often, esp when I am at my work; I help care for a lot of peeps who have that Parkinson's Disease...phooey on that.

  6. It's hard to keep up with kids' preferences--there are so many teams and such. I'm glad the post office visit eventually worked out well. I'm sorry to hear about your friend's brain cancer. I hope Rick has some better days ahead. It's good you had opportunity to visit with friends. Rosie looks like I feel after an afternoon socializing.

  7. Having a full freezer and plenty of fruits and veggies is a good thing.
    The first naughty words I learned were not in English my native language. I learned them in Polish from a friend who had a Polish grandpa and then I listened to my German grandpa. Now, if I want to tell my husband something and want no one but family to know, I speak in Indonesian, since not many people here know that language. It is a good thing to have command of several languages--hurray for Toby!
    Rosie looks like I feel after a busy day!
    It is hard to watch the changes in people you love. Hang in there.

  8. Funny about the "bull" mix up. Glad you got some help with the apartment papers from Nicole. Hopefully her keys turn up soon. Rosie is adorable.

  9. That different about taking number at the post office. I know our social security (retirement) works that way. Here most people does stand six (9 meters) apart. Hardly a mask in site.
    Coffee is on and stay safe


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