30 Oct 2015



After 5 days with a cold, I went to aqua gym and realized afterwards that I had still been a little weak, because I fall asleep after lunch in front of the TV and when I woke up I was more tired than before, but I had to do some shopping ! We had nothing to eat any more.

2. It was great time to have our windows cleaned, fortunately we live in an area which is so clean that I have to have the windows cleaned twice a year. Once in spring and once before winter. As we have a lot of very big French windows I really need a professional.

I heard the man talking and thought he would talk with somebody, but he was all alone. He wasn't not yet in the age where you talk to yourself. Suddenly I realized that today we have mobiles you don't need to hold against your mouth ! It looks so funny when people in the street or in the public transports are talking all alone.

3. I had asked my friend Chantal if she would like to come to Egypt end November and stock some sunshine for the winter. For her it's always a problem to go away because she has her husband laying in bed, after a terrible car accident he is now like a living dead. Although she has a carer who comes twice per day, she still has to feed him. Fortunately she had found a lady who will stay in the house and take care of the husband, the two dogs and the cats and she can come with us ! So we will be 3, Nicole comes too.


Together with Ilona we went to "our" Chinese restaurant and had a lot of fun. I had forgotten my tissues and Nicole helped me out with 200 Euro bills ! I am a posh girl !


I almost finished my new painting, there are still some corrections to do. In the afternoon I had to take my car for a yearly check up and as it didn't last very long, I asked for their Internet password and watched a movie on my tablet !

I went home and was exhausted, I don't know what happens, but ever since I had this cold I feel so terribly tired !

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29 Oct 2015


For alphabetic themes I usually inspire myself from the "Photographic Dictionary".

But for the letter X besides X-mas, Xerox, X-ray, Xenophobia, and Xylophone there are no other words in the English language at least according to this dictionary. For X-mas it's not yet time, Xerox is a bit outdated, although that could fit on me, I don't suffer from xenophobia and I don't play a xylophone.

So I thought how much I suffered to learn the Roman numbers at school ! If you consider that a 10 is an X a 20 XX a 30 XXX and a 40 XXXX but a 50 is an L mathematics become rather difficult Imagine you have to write your birth date in roman numbers, it would take a lot of space. If you are born on a 30.10.1940 (or 10.30.1940) you have to write


Fortunately you only find roman numbers on historical buildings or on graveyards and you don't have to fill out your tax declaration in Roman numbers !

in documents from the Roman era, even within the same document. "Double subtractives" also occur, such as XIIX or even IIXX instead of XVIII. Sometimes V and L are not used, with instances such as IIIIII and XXXXXX rather than VI or LX

So we should be happy that nearly the whole world uses Arabic numbers Some racists will not be happy to know that they all calculate in Arabic numbers !

Big Ben in London stays with the Romans !

Jenny Matlock

28 Oct 2015

27 Oct 2015


Does anybody know the difference between autumn and fall ? The only difference I personally see is that in autumn everything falls ! The leaves and even we fall back one hour. Maybe that's good for the farmers because the cows get milked an hour earlier, but for us office people, we come home when it is dark. Not very enjoyable.

Lots of people find the autumn colors wonderful. That's true, if only they would stay the whole year and not fall on the street or in the gardens en masse ! The streets are slippery and the statistics say that most of the car accidents are caused in fall, when the leaves fall

Hospitals have to deal with some broken legs thanks to falling fall leaves.

The beauty doesn't last long and then only ugly brown leaves remain on the street and the trees are all naked besides the firs and some others.

In our aqua gym garden there were so many leaves that a machine had to be hired. (Therefore the price of the season card increased, and didn't fall !)

The city too does a good business, because all these leaves have to be collected and put in special paper bags.

These paper bags of course are only sold by the city !

I think by now you have understood that autumn/fall is not my favorite season !

Pictures taken in Waterloo (Belgium)

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26 Oct 2015


My weekend was rather boring. I just had finished my cold, but couldn't go outside yet, because it was too cold and rainy.

So I spent my days watching TV and "working" on my PC. From time to time somebody interrupted me and I had a phone call.

So now after the weekend I look like that.

In between the TV movies I did the laundry, controlled here by cat Arthur !

In our garden strange mushrooms were growing ! I got a shock when I opened the shutters ! It looked so unreal ! Mr. G. needed 3 bags to take them away !

Today I will escape out of my involuntary prison !