30 Oct 2015



After 5 days with a cold, I went to aqua gym and realized afterwards that I had still been a little weak, because I fall asleep after lunch in front of the TV and when I woke up I was more tired than before, but I had to do some shopping ! We had nothing to eat any more.

2. It was great time to have our windows cleaned, fortunately we live in an area which is so clean that I have to have the windows cleaned twice a year. Once in spring and once before winter. As we have a lot of very big French windows I really need a professional.

I heard the man talking and thought he would talk with somebody, but he was all alone. He wasn't not yet in the age where you talk to yourself. Suddenly I realized that today we have mobiles you don't need to hold against your mouth ! It looks so funny when people in the street or in the public transports are talking all alone.

3. I had asked my friend Chantal if she would like to come to Egypt end November and stock some sunshine for the winter. For her it's always a problem to go away because she has her husband laying in bed, after a terrible car accident he is now like a living dead. Although she has a carer who comes twice per day, she still has to feed him. Fortunately she had found a lady who will stay in the house and take care of the husband, the two dogs and the cats and she can come with us ! So we will be 3, Nicole comes too.


Together with Ilona we went to "our" Chinese restaurant and had a lot of fun. I had forgotten my tissues and Nicole helped me out with 200 Euro bills ! I am a posh girl !


I almost finished my new painting, there are still some corrections to do. In the afternoon I had to take my car for a yearly check up and as it didn't last very long, I asked for their Internet password and watched a movie on my tablet !

I went home and was exhausted, I don't know what happens, but ever since I had this cold I feel so terribly tired !

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Fun60 said...

You are still managing to fit a lot into your week despite your cold. Are you still refraining from smoking?

Maribeth said...

Woke this morning feeling congested and chilled. I jumped into my clothes and a warm jacket. Very cold here too. Just took my temperature and it is elevated just a little. Think today will be an easy, quiet, day.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like you are recovering from that terrible cold with classes and exercise and trip planning -- I'm sure those Euro bills used as tissues helped, too! And now you have me craving Chinese food!

Anonymous said...

There seems to be a lot of colds going around now. Hope you're feeling well again soon.

I know what you mean about people talking into microphones or devices that we can't see. I'm sometimes startled in a store when someone around me just starts talking, then I realize they are talking to someone on their phone, though it look like they are just talking to themselves.

I am glad Chantal will be able to get away for a bit. We take care of my m-i-l, and though we have people come in and help, it would be hard to find someone who'd be able to come overnight that we'd feel comfortable with.

peppylady (Dora) said...

Oh I can't stand it when you sleep so hard and can't wake up. walk around like a zombie.
Coffee is on

Anonymous said...

It sounds like that cold really zapped you. How nice your caregiving friend can travel with you.

diane b said...

Hope you get over the tiredness soon. Probably a left over from the cold. Your body got exhausted fighting the germs. Just think of your holiday. I hope the refugee problem won't be a bother in Egypt.

Willow said...

Colds will take the energy out of you. Just rest a lot.
Sometimes when we see people 'talking to themselves' we try to decide if they're "crazy or bluetooth".
It will be fun to plan that trip to Egypt for the three of you!

Susanne said...

Yes, you definitely do live like the rich and famous using money for a tissue! ;). Too funny. Sorry you aren't feeling well, either. I need my windows cleaned so badly! My son who I could usually get to do them no longer lives in my city and my hubby just couldn't get around to it so I'll probably be looking out spotted windows all winter. My heart is sad for Chantel and her hubby but so glad she was able to find someone and she can have a little getaway to strengthen herself back up. That's so important when you are a caregiver.

Anonymous said...

Wow - using 200 Euro bills for tissues. Yes, that is posh!
How fun to have your next holiday already planned. Going to Egypt sounds like a great way to soak up sun and friendship.
Your new painting is coming along well.
I hope you are feeling more energetic soon.

Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

Just think of Egypt and sunshine -- that will help you to get completely well (I hope). That is nice that your friend can find someone to care for her husband -- she probably needs this vacation more than anyone.

Loree said...

Sometimes colds will do that to you. Some years ago it happened to me - all I wanted to do was sleep.

Gracie said...

So you're on the move again....lucky you!