23 Dec 2022


The week started for me very badly I had terrible breathing problems which seemed to continue and I was feeling real bad and anxious. When I thought of Christmas Eve I panicked, I saw a huge mountain of problems arriving and finally decided that I couldn't celebrate Christmas Eve with my family. I  am not at all in the mood to celebrate Christmas. I would be a bad company too. 

The cold weather had warmed up and it was raining when I had to go to the city hall to pick up our tickets for the Gospel concert. The Christmas market which I hadn't seen although it was just around the corner, because it was too cold, was already dismantled ! It had been open for two weekends and nothing in the middle. Don't know why.  

Anyway it was small and nothing special. Energy crisis ? But when I see people coming out of the shops with overloaded caddies, I wonder where the economic crisis is.

The city had organized a Gospel concert for the Seniors and my three neighbors dragged me with them, I thought maybe it does me good and anyway they needed a driver because two never learned driving a car and one doesn't dare anymore.

The concert was nice, but a white men choir didn't have the special voice for Gospel songs. Fortunately a black lady with a wonderful voice saved the show ! In my opinion only black people can sing Gospels there is something special in their voices. The men stood there like clothes racks and didn't move at all  while the black lady had the rhythm in her blood and moved ! Of course I had seen other Gospel groups and could compare, but for most of the oldies it was the first time. After the concert we were offered Champagne and cookies. The other years we also got little  sandwiches. They probably have to raise the city taxes.
The rest of the week I spent with shopping and filling in my freezer which I had emptied and cleaned. I also made Christmas cards and emailed them. 
At the end of our street they demolished a few houses with such enthusiasm, that the wall of the house next door collapsed. That looked quite weird because we could all see the bathroom and living room. The people had to be evacuated and those in the other houses too. This caused a huge traffic jam on our otherwise so quiet boulevard.
And with this "adventure" my week ended. 
To all of you 


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21 Dec 2022


When my husband lived in Italy until 1968 he didn't know Christmas trees and of course in his home town Rovereto near the Lake of Garda, no Christmas decoration or Christmas markets existed. Italy was known for handmade Christmas cribs.

I asked his best friend's wife in Rovereto to send me a few pictures of the city today and here they are. I was very much surprised and regretted that I haven't asked this before before he passed away.

in front of the church

The City hall

The main place

 in town

and a Christmas market 

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19 Dec 2022


Rosie is in Christmas mood









This cold weather (-9°C) doesn't suit me at all with my chronic lung disease, I got terrible asthma attacks when I did a little effort. My mood was appropriate. Then I heard in the news that people with breathing difficulties should stay at home! So I stayed at home. 

I occupied myself with my photos, made Christmas cards and was sometimes interrupted by telephone calls. Otherwise there was also television showing the drama between Harry and Meghan and the English Royals, and suddenly the day was over.

During Sunday night I woke up twice from my own breathing noise, and had to use my puff. I thought maybe I should go to the doctor, but as so often it also disappears and I am OK again. Hopefully for Christmas when my mini family comes, I have no attack.

The Christmas decoration is finished by now, only the garlands with lights are missing. It's not so easy to put them around the plants alone, but Adeline, my neighbor came over to help me and we could just hang up one garland, for the others I had no plugs they were hidden somewhere.   I also had enough decorating for Christmas.

I had put a little Christmas tree besides Rick's photo and told him that this will be the last time that I celebrate Christmas here. I only hope that I will not sit in a corner and cry. I do it for Toby who is only 12, next year he probably doesn't care so much about Christmas celebrations, because in the Netherlands it only moved in 15 years ago or so, they didn't even have a Christmas tree in front of the City hall and no Christmas market in Amsterdam ! Now it becomes more and more fashionable; there is a Christmas tree and also a market !

I've never seen the Christmassy Amsterdam as we haven't been there for at least 5 years. Rick ill, then two years of Covid, we always spent Christmas in Waterloo.

Another weekend before Christmas, I think there won't be many participants next week and therefore I sent to all of you my Christmas card of this year.