21 Dec 2022


When my husband lived in Italy until 1968 he didn't know Christmas trees and of course in his home town Rovereto near the Lake of Garda, no Christmas decoration or Christmas markets existed. Italy was known for handmade Christmas cribs.

I asked his best friend's wife in Rovereto to send me a few pictures of the city today and here they are. I was very much surprised and regretted that I haven't asked this before before he passed away.

in front of the church

The City hall

The main place

 in town

and a Christmas market 

more participants here, and Image-in-ing


  1. So beautiful. The angels are wonderful.

  2. Wishing you a happy Christmas, though I expect it'll be tough at times for you, too. Look after yourself. These photos are wonderful. Lovely to see how other places 'do' Christmas - and this looks very stylish.

  3. Lovely holiday photos!
    Thanks for sharing at https://image-in-ing.blogspot.com/2022/12/wishing-you-peace-on-earth-good-will.html

  4. Everything looks beautiful in these pictures.

  5. I am surprised to know that there were not many Christmas decorations in Italy long ago. The Christmas Angels and tree is lovely. The light is wonderful. Lake Garda and especially Lake Como is on my bucket list and hope I get there some day. xo Happy Holidays and love and joy to you. Brenda and The Ts

  6. Wow! Beautiful are these urban Christmas decorations.


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