11 Feb 2012


I got this per email from a friend. See, if you are in the right angle, you can make perfect pictures !

10 Feb 2012


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1. The cold weather continues, we still have up to - 15° (2 F) or less during the nights and the days are not much better. So far only 3 people died of the cold in Belgium, one old person in her flat, another on her way home, and a third one who had Alzheimer fell in a canal. Fortunately the homeless have at least a warm bed over night, and there are rooms where they can stay during the day and they also get warm food and drinks. This is also available for those who don't have enough money to heat their home !

2. When I go out I feel as if I have doubled my volume with all these layers of clothes ! After my "warming up" in Acqua Gym, I went to a store to buy me a warmer hat, I feared loosing my ears. I also needed some warm jogging trousers for Yoga.

my Eskimo (?) hat, at least warm !

3. After Yoga with my warm trousers, I went with Dominique to her 89 year old mother, who lives in a little flat in a private retirement home. Very beautiful ! She had brought her own furniture but not too much so her living room looked real cosy. We chatted over an hour, she loves her computer and keeps herself updated on Internet ! She looks great and doesn't seem her age at all. We had a nice time with her.


As the the sun was shining Ilona and I went for a walk through a huge park in Brussels, it was cold but also very beautiful. I made quiet a lot of pictures, which I will show in a later post.

5. We weren't a lot in our painting class, for some it was too cold to go outside, I had started a new painting, but run out of ideas, I think my brain starts freezing too !

9 Feb 2012


Jenny Matlock
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So many things were written about love, so I thought I don't have to rake my brain I just add my opinion, as others found it for me instead :

Love the heart that hurts you, but never hurt the heart that loves you. For that I am not a good person at all, if somebody hurts my heart, I don't love him, and I am afraid I certainly hurt hearts who loved me !

There is more hunger for love and appreciation in this world than for bread. I don't know but when I am hungry I prefer bread to love !

A man is not where he lives, but where he loves. Hey, I am against mistresses !

Love is blind ! I wear glasses !

Make love not war ! was always my device

Love is the only gold. I have my doubts when I see a 20 year old marrying an 80 year old millionaire

I agree more with international proverbs :

- One who loves the vase loves also what is inside.
African Proverb

- In order to really love someone you must love him as though he was going to die tomorrow.
Arabian Proverb

- Where there is love there is no darkness.
Burundi Proverb from Burundi

- Love and let the world know, hate in silence.
Egyptian Proverb

- When one is in love, a cliff becomes a meadow.
Ethiopian Proverb

- The first love letters are written with the eyes.
French Proverb

- The heart that loves is always young.
Greek Proverb

- Love is like fog -- there is no mountain on which it does not rest.
Hawaiian Proverb

- It is love that makes the impossible possible.
Indian Proverb

- Love rules without rules.
Italian Proverb

- Where there is love, there is peace.
Myanmar Proverb

- A heart in love with beauty never grows old.
Turkish Proverb

And when you still don't know what Love is, I can't help you !

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8 Feb 2012


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7 Feb 2012


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In my part of our world a cold wave settled in and it's hard for us because we are not used to so low temperatures (- 11 til - 20°C, 12 F - more than 0 F) and many people are not equipped for that either.

That's why I thought to show you a warmer place, the room where I have my painting classes. It's the festivity room in the public retirement home of Waterloo, where all special events take place like celebrating birthdays of the 100 years old, parties, dancing lessons, card playing etc.

our painting class

During the year and for each season this big room is always nicely decorated.

But what a surprise when I arrived last week !

I entered a "Saloon"

besides the door, a boozed Cowboy was sitting. I first got a shock I thought he was real.

On the other side were "Reward" pictures, with the heads of the responsible employees of the home. Unfortunately no amount was asked for them, they didn't know what "reward" meant !

Inside on a wall, the famous Lucky Luke the cowboy "who shoots faster than his shadow", (created by the Belgian cartoonist Morris) looked down at me.

The walls were all decorated with old pictures from the "good old Far West"

Even Buffalo Bill

and Billy the Kid

Of course in a saloon the bar can't be missing, the bottles were cut out of magazines, very well done. This was the decoration for the oldies, I think it's so nice to help them to still enjoy life.
I had been told that the oldest one who danced, was 100 years old and still flirted with the 80/90th girls ! That gives hope !

6 Feb 2012


Helps you to remember what you have done on the weekend of February 4, 2012.

On Saturday my friend Nicole from my painting group had asked me if I would like to do a walk with her and Charly her dog and then have cake and tea in her flat.

The sun was shining although it was freezing cold (- 9° C, 15 F) but warmly dressed it was a pleasure !

Charly loves the snow ! Nicole lives in a flat, but it's like a house, each flat has a separate house door, then a little entrance hall and then a few steps leading into the appartment. Although it looks as if the houses had two floors each appartment has only one, it's a real strange construction and difficult to explain. The living room has such a high ceiling like in very old houses but it is not flat but pointy ! Her selfmade cake was delicious and the tea too !

Charly immediately brought me a piece of wood, but then prefered to nibble on it himself, he probably feared for my teeth.

Sunday morning I went to the Waterloo market to buy our Thai plate (chicken with noodles), the stands were protected against the cold by red tents. Looked rather funny. Despite the cold there were quiet a lot of people who had the same idea, to buy supper for Sunday evening.

In the afternoon I went over to Dominique and took these pictures of our "white house" from her office, where I helped her with a computer problem.

our street

cat Arthur trying camouflage in the snow.

and the weekend ended with Miss Marple, together with Dominique our neighbor !

This year our fireplace works every evening !!

5 Feb 2012


As each year (or nearly) it is the coldest winter this time we are really freezing ! This afternoon - 12 °C (10 F) in Brussels and - 20° C in the Ardennes, it's really too much.

My brain is frozen too, I suffer in silence ... (next time I complain about the rain again, I promise)

Sitting close to the open fire to warm up, if I could I would sit in the fire

Before we went to bed I opened the window to get some fresh air in, it snowed

Arthur tried the snow but then prefered to come in and use the litter box !