10 Feb 2012


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1. The cold weather continues, we still have up to - 15° (2 F) or less during the nights and the days are not much better. So far only 3 people died of the cold in Belgium, one old person in her flat, another on her way home, and a third one who had Alzheimer fell in a canal. Fortunately the homeless have at least a warm bed over night, and there are rooms where they can stay during the day and they also get warm food and drinks. This is also available for those who don't have enough money to heat their home !

2. When I go out I feel as if I have doubled my volume with all these layers of clothes ! After my "warming up" in Acqua Gym, I went to a store to buy me a warmer hat, I feared loosing my ears. I also needed some warm jogging trousers for Yoga.

my Eskimo (?) hat, at least warm !

3. After Yoga with my warm trousers, I went with Dominique to her 89 year old mother, who lives in a little flat in a private retirement home. Very beautiful ! She had brought her own furniture but not too much so her living room looked real cosy. We chatted over an hour, she loves her computer and keeps herself updated on Internet ! She looks great and doesn't seem her age at all. We had a nice time with her.


As the the sun was shining Ilona and I went for a walk through a huge park in Brussels, it was cold but also very beautiful. I made quiet a lot of pictures, which I will show in a later post.

5. We weren't a lot in our painting class, for some it was too cold to go outside, I had started a new painting, but run out of ideas, I think my brain starts freezing too !


  1. Love the hat. Nothing worse than cold ears. *9 and techno savvy, that is fabulous.

  2. Not sure I like the hat, but keeping your ears from falling off is important so you must keep wearing it.

  3. Dear Gattina,
    I'm your fan!
    Your day is plenty of interesting activities!You have lots of energy and creativity!
    Shame on me...two days without go out home here.
    I need to start some gym program as well, come back to walk, not only to improve my physical condition,but to give myself positive energies and mental health!
    Thanks for this post! Yesterday I was feeling so hmmm unmotivated, but today your post give lots of ideas! :)
    ahhh I love your hat, it's gorgeous!
    I think the mother of Dominique, your friend, is a very nice lady, with lot of wisdom!The retirement home is beautiful, looks a castle!
    Hugs and a nice Friday

  4. Hi Gattina,
    When the temperature drops to +5C here it is very cold and a hat just like yours would be perfect!

  5. So good that Belguim looks after the homeless and those who cannot afford heat and food. I love your hat. You look SO good in a hat always. I just LOVE the idea of an-almost 90 yo surfing the web. That's what I aspire to one day. Have a warm and happy weekend. (love your cartoons!) Jo

  6. So good that Belguim looks after the homeless and those who cannot afford heat and food. I love your hat. You look SO good in a hat always. I just LOVE the idea of an-almost 90 yo surfing the web. That's what I aspire to one day. Have a warm and happy weekend. (love your cartoons!) Jo

  7. It's been cold, but not so much snow, which is fine with me. They make snow at the ski areas, but it's not deep in my yard!~

  8. Wow, I don't think we have seen temperatures that cold this winter. Hope we don't! Glad you got a warm hat to keep your ears from freezing.

  9. I am surprised you have homeless in Belgium.
    This is a terrible time to have no where to live.
    We have a lot of this in BC.I saw one woman lived in her car at McDonalds for a long time and then she disappeared.
    It's unforgiveable for people to have to suffer like this in winter.We are lucky our winters are mild but even so, below zero is not fun.
    Well You look good in your new hat :)

  10. The photos of the Brussels park are lovely. But walking around in 2F even with a warm hat?! I just shivered for you. lol

    So glad the homeless and poor have a way to stay warm during these cold temperatures.

    I hope you warm up this week and many ideas for painting start coming.

    Have a good week, Gattina.

  11. I love the hat!! It is the style!

  12. What a cold weather!!! Nice to learn your can continue all your nice activities even with minus temperatures!!! And tonight we have snow here in the South of France!!! I put some pictures on my facebook profil!!

  13. I love those hats. Hope it warms up soon but it looks like it might be cold for a while more.

  14. Whoa. That IS cold.

    I love your hat though! =D So cute!

  15. I love your eskimo hat. You definitely need it with those kind of temperatures! I'm afraid I'd be too wimpy to make it.

  16. Love the hat Gattina! Glad you are getting out and about despite the cold.

  17. Great hat!! We've heard about your cold weather in Europe over here. Unbelievable!

    Glad you're keeping warm!

  18. I know what you mean about doubling your volume! It's so nice to get home and shed the layers, though, isn't it?

  19. Cool hat!

    I used to have quite a collection of winter head gear back in New York City. But now that I'm living in the tropics, I only wear a straw hat and sunglasses.

  20. You bought a hat, and I bought some gloves. Now we can endure the cold, but I'm still counting the days till Spring. It's less than 50 now!

  21. Love the hat! Its hard for me to think when I am cold, I sure understand the people in your painting class!

    Cute cartoons!

  22. Haha! That bear cartoon cracks me right up.

    -15 is where we should be at in the daytime but for some reason we're not at that very often this year. Cute hat! You see a lot of those around here...usually.

    That castle is just beautiful. It looks like a beautiful area to explore.

  23. Cute hat and just perfect for staying warm! I hope that when I am 89, I'll be enjoying my computer and staying abreast of the news.


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