6 Feb 2012


Helps you to remember what you have done on the weekend of February 4, 2012.

On Saturday my friend Nicole from my painting group had asked me if I would like to do a walk with her and Charly her dog and then have cake and tea in her flat.

The sun was shining although it was freezing cold (- 9° C, 15 F) but warmly dressed it was a pleasure !

Charly loves the snow ! Nicole lives in a flat, but it's like a house, each flat has a separate house door, then a little entrance hall and then a few steps leading into the appartment. Although it looks as if the houses had two floors each appartment has only one, it's a real strange construction and difficult to explain. The living room has such a high ceiling like in very old houses but it is not flat but pointy ! Her selfmade cake was delicious and the tea too !

Charly immediately brought me a piece of wood, but then prefered to nibble on it himself, he probably feared for my teeth.

Sunday morning I went to the Waterloo market to buy our Thai plate (chicken with noodles), the stands were protected against the cold by red tents. Looked rather funny. Despite the cold there were quiet a lot of people who had the same idea, to buy supper for Sunday evening.

In the afternoon I went over to Dominique and took these pictures of our "white house" from her office, where I helped her with a computer problem.

our street

cat Arthur trying camouflage in the snow.

and the weekend ended with Miss Marple, together with Dominique our neighbor !

This year our fireplace works every evening !!


  1. your street looks lovely in the snow. .Your friend is lucky they allow dogs in flats. Here they are fussy.Every one has allergies lol

  2. Your friend's dog is really handsome! Great to end the day with Miss Marple. Agatha Christie is one of my favorite authors.
    Have a great day!

  3. OMW that looks SO freezing cold. I love Charly playing in the snow, I was hoping to see the cake. I'm starving! Jo

  4. Looks bright and beautiful. Glad the white stuff doesn't stop you from getting out and about.

  5. I love the photo of Arthur in the snow! That dog is very handsome too. We went on long walks too this weekend. I'm playing again this week, so come on over!

  6. Arthur, you will have frost bitten paws if you don't stay home.

  7. Our heaters are working full time here too. We have gale force winds today and a wind chill of 0 Celsius!! It's almost as cold as Belgium ;)

  8. You have more snow than us. It looks very pretty but it can be so treacherous.


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