5 Feb 2012


As each year (or nearly) it is the coldest winter this time we are really freezing ! This afternoon - 12 °C (10 F) in Brussels and - 20° C in the Ardennes, it's really too much.

My brain is frozen too, I suffer in silence ... (next time I complain about the rain again, I promise)

Sitting close to the open fire to warm up, if I could I would sit in the fire

Before we went to bed I opened the window to get some fresh air in, it snowed

Arthur tried the snow but then prefered to come in and use the litter box !


  1. Oh boy poor kitty. Animals are funny lol

  2. A very smart gatto, is arthur. At least he is lucky enough to have his own fur coat!

  3. I'm trying to make up my mind if I would like a bit of snow or if it's better to leave it all to you! :)
    Here's just as freezing, but at least the greatest sunny days in weeks (months perhaps?)...
    God bless you!

  4. I feel sorry for you. There is nothing worse than being cold. Poor Arthur to cold to pooh.

  5. I think I should go and chop all the twigs from my Coral tree for your fire.

  6. We are frozen here in New Hampshire, but have not had any new snow. I'm ready for spring!

  7. Brrr, winter was late in coming this year but now it's here with a vengeance.


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