4 Feb 2012


We haven't got a postcard "From Russia with love" but immediately their temperatures ! In Brussels we reached - 11°C (12 F) in the Ardennes - 20°C (less than 0 F, my converter refused to go further down).

So when Ilona arrived in this winterly outfit in our painting class, we all laughed, but not for long because the next day

it snowed too. And if it continues like that, I will send you an S.O.S. to dig me out !!


Lea's Menagerie said...

Snow is very pretty, unless a person has to go somewhere in it! We have had only two very small snows this winter. Both times it quickly melted. That snow you have looks like it will stay on the ground for awhile!
Thanks for your comment on my blog - the barn on a foggy morning. I like your thought - A scene from a scary movie - the dog the only witness!
Have a great week-end!

Cezar and Léia said...

At least the cold is bringing the most beautiful, sunny days in such a long time!
The snowman cartoon is hilarious!
God bless you!

Leena said...

Gattina, thank you for your virtual visit our cold , snowy country!
These temperatures are here almost every winter, sometimes even -40C, so, we have to be ready for it. Our houses have thick walls, our windows have triple glasses, we have oil or electricity heating in every room and many houses still fireplaces as extra and
just in case and for making atmosphere pleasant indoor.
I understand your words, it is different situation, when those circumstances are occasionally.
We lived a year in Scotland long time ago and the house was very cold during coldest days there. We were lucky because of our caravan with gas heating :)
I wish, your weather will soon be warmer and snow will melt.
Our snow will increase step by step until end of March and after that slowly will melt during April.
All the best for you, Gattina!

Maribeth said...

Yes, Uschi has written me telling me about how cold it is in Berlin. Dress warm and snuggle with Mr. G. and the kitties~

Mama Zen said...

Stay warm!

A Lady's Life said...

We are fine in BC but I know Europe has been extremely cold.
Keep warm:)