31 Jan 2012

OUR WORLD - Theatre

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A different part of my world in our world is going to the theatre especially in winter time.

This time I saw the play The 39 steps which also had been adapted as a film by Hitchcock.

The Theatre called "Le Public" is in Brussels, and because of the lack of parking spaces in front of the theatre a shuttle picked us up outside a car park.

The entrance

Once inside you have the opportunity to have a glass at the bar or a supper in the restaurant, because you have to go through both on your way to the Theatre hall. I had never been in such a cosy Theatre. Of course you can also eat and drink after the play.

Pictures of actors were hanging on the walls.

Behind this nice painting was the cloakroom

The entrance to the theatre room

where the decorations for the different plays were standing just there. You can see a pile of suitcases on the left.

The stage was in the middle and we spectators were sitting all around. The seats were not numbered and I was lucky that we had catched a seat in the last row, because at least we had a nice overlook on the whole stage. The once sitting in the first row had to turn their heads all the time to follow the actions !

The room had a curved ceiling and was supported by metallic columns fortunately not too large so that they didn't disturb the view.

a shot of the play

and the 4 actors who kept our attention for 2 h !!

It was a very pleasant evening !


momto8 said...

oh lucky you! enjoy! we just saw The Sound Of Music and watched The Music Man...but not where you are!!

Arija said...

How delightful! I have read the book and seen at least three different film versions but it is so much nicer to see it in the theatre.

A Lady's Life said...

the actors look s handsome :)
Looks like it was very enjoyable

Linens and Royals said...

I love the 39 Steps, I saw the play in London and I think the play and movie are my favourites.
Interesting Theatre with the audience sitting around the stage.

LadyFi said...

Oh, I do love the theatre!

eileeninmd said...

Hello Gattina, sounds like a lovely evening at the theatre!

Gracie said...

It seems like you had a great night out! And the place and the setting seem really interesting. Me too I had a night at the theatre in London to see a musical, come to visit my blog and read about it.

diane b said...

The small theatres in the round are more personal.

Kat said...

Oh you are so lucky Gattina! It must be lovely to watch the play - I have read the book but a play is always much better because you see the action on stage.

EastCoastLife said...

This is such a cosy theater. I would enjoy myself here too in this unqiue setting. Alas, we do not have many plays in Singapore. I will try to borrow the book and read it.

jabblog said...

That sounds so attractive. The actors must feel very exposed in the centre of the audience like that.

Pamela said...

The last play I went to --- I sat in the very front row.. and the side balcony was straight above us. Someone dropped a cell phone and it landed right in front of us.

Lifecruiser Travel said...

Sounded like a really fantastic vening. Love the interior - and especially the old suitcases of course :-)))