30 Jan 2012


Helps you to remember what you have done on the weekend of January 14, 2012.

Although I nearly always start with a the weather report, which might be boring, but at least next year I can compare ! I am about sure that last year we had a lot of snow and sunshine at this time.

On Saturday a miracle happened and the sun came out, so I "jumped" in my car to go photo hunting. When I am really photo hunting for a special theme, I like to be alone. I was looking for "twigs" (for my next week's Saturday's Photo Hunting theme) When I made the theme list I didn't think about sunshine or not ! My camera filled with twig pictures, I stopped in an electro store and bought a thermometer for my room which is wireless and shows me the inside and outside temperatures. Now I know exactly when I have to have cold and when I should be warm.

In the afternoon I went to my neighbor Vivi who had her 73rd birthday (how time flies by, we know each other when we were respectively 33 and 38 years old !) She has got a WII from her daughter and granddaughter because they had decided that she should move a bit more. Unfortunately I couldn't try it out because they didn't have enough batteries. So she decided to invite us for a WII evening ! I am very curious, because I have never played with it. I have seen on TV that WIIs are installed more and more in retirement homes, to keep the residents active ! When I saw them having such a lot of fun, I found it a very good idea to keep oldies busy !

Coming soon for Mr. G !

On Sunday winter moved in and for the first time this year I had to take out my winter coat, gloves, scarf and a warm berret, to go to the market ! It was - 2°C (27 F) ! No sunshine but grey and wet.
I wouldn't have gone, but I needed bread and 2 portions of Tartiflette for supper. The guy who sells it does it himself and it is delicious.

The rest of the day I stayed home in the warmth of the hearth and sorted out my pictures !


  1. My son has a WII. It told me I was overweight but also told me I am very good at standing on one leg. Perhaps every Dr's surgery should have one.
    Very hot and humid here today.

  2. I was given a Wii for Christmas 2010 and I loved it for about 6 months but now I forget to use it. It is quite good the fitness activities and I love the tennis. Bill likes the bowling. They have yoga too which you would like.

  3. I'm beginning to like the idea of a WII. I've seen the kids with it here on camp and I also loved the tennis. Well done on getting a thermometer. Now you'll know what to "feel" at different temps! Hugs from a sunny East Africa. Jo

  4. A Wii evening sounds fun - be careful not to overdo it;-)

  5. Hi Gattina, I played along today. My entry is here: http://heavenisinbelgium.blogspot.com/2012/01/very-relaxed-weekend.html

    It was not a spectacular weekend but I made a lot of pictures with my new baby camera and thought this would be a good way to share them.

    When we were at my sister's on New Year's day we played with the Wii. It was fun!

  6. My post is up. I should get a WII so I move more. But then I worry that perhaps like my exercise bike, it would sit there and gather dust. I just hate to sweat!

  7. Home is the best place to be when it's cold. It's cold here too and grey but that's fine with me.

  8. The W11 sounds like a lot of fun. and you seem to have had a great week end. Mine was not memorable .
    But it will all change soon I hope.

  9. I've said since I saw the first Wii that it would be perfect for elderly people and others too. So much fun! Hubby has even played golf on Wii!


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