7 Aug 2020


We started the week with our Scrabble, that's the only thing I never gave up during the whole moving procedure !

And as usual I lost ! But I have to say two were not there and I had to play against the best once but still we had our laughing session which I needed badly because I started to get more and more tired. That way I didn't organize furniture and cuttlery in my head but only letters.

The next day three men came to empty the house from top to bottom ! There was a lot !! When you have lived 45 years in the same house you find a lot of surprises !

Besides my doll house and 8 (!!) old suitcases I also found my school stuff old toys and clothes and other surprises. That had always been in the attic and as the only access was with a ladder I had never been up there !

They came with this mini bus and started to work on Tuesday The garage started to get empty when I came back on noon to see how far they were.

Unfortunately a heat wave started, and besides early in the morning and late evening it was impossible to work. I should have arranged my dressing room and had a lot to do to put everything in place but it was too hot to move and I thought I can do that whenever I want to, when it's raining or when really I have the courage to start !

When my cleaning lady came I ask her to help me to tidy up a little bit the mess in my "junk" room, in the future to be the dressing room, and when an hour later she called me to have a look on what she had done I was really happy ! She had done it all by herself. Moved the sofa from the right to left wall and all the rods with our clothes to the right wall. Now it looked like a room !!

Poor Mr. G. didn't know where to put himself with all the cleaning around him and finally found in the ex junk room a peaceful place to rest on the sofa until the cleaning hurrican was over ! It was over 30°C and he doesn't very well support the heat, he became dizzy. So it was better to lay down.

Now that the "end" is near our scrabble girls went together to the "Dolce Vita" an Italian restaurant which is really very good ! Although now we have always to book a table in all restaurants and even caf├ęs and leave our names, we could take off our masks of course for eating ! As Belgium had to get a step back we now have to wear masks all the time and it becomes really more and more difficult to travel. If the place you go to was Ok when you left, it could get red while you were there and then you had to do a test and stay 2 weeks in quarantine !

I sincerely get fed up with all this ! People complain that they are not free anymore ! Especially young people ! I mean I don't care not to go out dancing on weekends or in clubs or cinema and theatre, but young people need that and it is not good for them to live like old people do ! I had done a lot in my teenage years and also later as a married couple, we liked dancing and travelling and all that is impossible for the poor youngsters now !

Rosie is a happy cat ! She now tidies up her mice during the night and put one in the water bowl and one in the food bowl.
In the apartment besides ours also lives a cat and she alway looks under the door for Rosie

That's really funny
and Princess Rosie sits on her tower and overlooks the garden from the 4th floor !

Meanwhile Mr. G. met a few neighbors, one was even in his Whist club !

If everything goes well we will be able to hand the keys over and this adventure is finally over !!

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Since 2006 I am with Blogger I think they "improved" posting 3 times and each time it's getting worse ! Now I can't put my text where I want anymore, when I look in the htlms and type my text there it appears besides a picture or above, it's really not easy at all ! And to add labels is hard work !

3 Aug 2020


Little Rosie loves her new home although she was an inside/ouside cat and now we live in an appartment ! Ever since each morning I find a toy mouse in her food or in her water bowl ! It makes me laugh !




It's not so easy to move from a house into an apartment although it is quite spacious, but the whole basement space is missing ! Our third bedroom I had transformed into a dressing with a sofa bed and I was looking for a shelf or something for our shoes which doesn't take a lot of space. I looked up all possibilities on Internet and found a "Shoe Tower" which you can easily put in a corner.

Saturday my friend Myriam came over to assemble it ! The notice said it was for 38 pairs of shoes ! A lot for me but Mr. G. has a few too.

When the tower is finished it should look like this :

After an hour or so it was finally finished and fitted nicely in the corner and looked great !
What a nice invention it really doesn't take a lot of space !! Better then a shoe shelf !!

On Sunday we did the last step ! We collected my paintings  and carried them across the street into my ex neighbor's basement.

There were about 20 paintings they carried across the street and I packed the once which I want to hang on our walls ! We were quite exhausted when we had finally finished. Mr. G. still not feeling physically well couldn't help but we "strong" women managed it !

Then I did a last round through the house and forgot to take a picture as souvenir ! I was so in a hurry to go home, that the fact that I had spent 45 years of my life in this house didn't make any effect on me. I was not nostalgic, I was not sad, I was just relieved to have all  the heavy work behind me. Anyway I have all pictures of my life there on USB keys !