3 Aug 2020


Little Rosie loves her new home although she was an inside/ouside cat and now we live in an appartment ! Ever since each morning I find a toy mouse in her food or in her water bowl ! It makes me laugh !




It's not so easy to move from a house into an apartment although it is quite spacious, but the whole basement space is missing ! Our third bedroom I had transformed into a dressing with a sofa bed and I was looking for a shelf or something for our shoes which doesn't take a lot of space. I looked up all possibilities on Internet and found a "Shoe Tower" which you can easily put in a corner.

Saturday my friend Myriam came over to assemble it ! The notice said it was for 38 pairs of shoes ! A lot for me but Mr. G. has a few too.

When the tower is finished it should look like this :

After an hour or so it was finally finished and fitted nicely in the corner and looked great !
What a nice invention it really doesn't take a lot of space !! Better then a shoe shelf !!

On Sunday we did the last step ! We collected my paintings  and carried them across the street into my ex neighbor's basement.

There were about 20 paintings they carried across the street and I packed the once which I want to hang on our walls ! We were quite exhausted when we had finally finished. Mr. G. still not feeling physically well couldn't help but we "strong" women managed it !

Then I did a last round through the house and forgot to take a picture as souvenir ! I was so in a hurry to go home, that the fact that I had spent 45 years of my life in this house didn't make any effect on me. I was not nostalgic, I was not sad, I was just relieved to have all  the heavy work behind me. Anyway I have all pictures of my life there on USB keys ! 


  1. It is a big change going from an apartment to a house and then a house to an apartment, but if you are ready for it, it is a good think. Your new place looks great, and kitty seems to like it.

  2. As long as the cat is happy!

  3. Awww, Rosie is adorable and I'd laugh to find her deposits in her food bowl too. So cute.

    Love the shoe tower. What a brilliant idea.

    When I left my last home for this one I wasn't sad either. When it's time to move on we move on.

    Thank you for joining the Awww Mondays Blog Hop.

    Have a fabulous Awww Monday and week, Gattina. ♥

  4. I am glad Rosie adjusted so well. Sounds like you have too.

  5. So pleased you are enjoying your new apartment Rosie and that your mousies didn't get lost in the move.
    I like the shoe tower but think it only for neat people who put heir shoes away carefully, I kick my shoes into the bottom of the wardrobe and am pleased when I find a matching pair again.
    I think you should cover the walls with your paintings they look too good to store away.

  6. Aww it’s so cute Rosie puts her mousie in her food and water bowls!
    She sure looks comfy and happy in her new home :-)

  7. It looks a lovely apartment. You have done so well rallying your friends to help with the move. That shoe tower is a great find.

  8. Rosie knows the value of a good nap.

  9. Congratulations on your move!


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