23 Sept 2017


1. Starts with L
2. Landscape
3. Key

London, Big Ben gets a face lifting

Ireland Giant's Causeway

Couldn't find the keys they must be under the cat !

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Brussels, Royal Palace

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22 Sept 2017


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1. I packed my travel  bag for two days in London, but as the weather was so changing I had to take hot and cold with me. So I packed, unpacked, packed unpacked and in between answered the phone, people wished me a nice trip.

2. We arrived in London very quickly 2 h from Brussels to St. Pancras Station.

We arrived at 9 leaving at 8 am, there is one hour difference between the two countries. From the pictures you can see what we have done the first day.

and then the second day. My friend has seen London 55 years ago and found it quite changed, Especially the old docks which are now "Little Dubai"

I am in lack of time, tomorrow I have the first cataracte surgery on my right eye so I am a bit nervous and will write about our London' adventures next week.

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20 Sept 2017



Love my new shoes

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In case my neighbor starts kickboxing again, I exercise

I am not getting old, only distracted, I forgot the keyword !

Sorry I had kibbles and apparently my stomach didn't like them. They came out again !

19 Sept 2017


It was a nice coincidence that Grandson Toby was just here when the annual Pumpkin festival in Baulers took place. The whole weekend it should rain therefore the sun was shining and we decided to go there and eventually also buy some pumpkins

For nearly 7 year old  Toby there was a lot to see and to do !

fishing ....

Balloons, he asked for a bee, his friend for a sword !


A huge choice of pumpkins

The whole place was nicely decorated

even with rather vintage underwear.

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18 Sept 2017


A robot's eye !

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For once the weekend was rather agitated because we had son and grandson on visit. Toby stayed in his friend's Benji's house because of course they like to sleep together I doubt that they sleep very much.

We picked up my friend Bunny to go for supper in a restaurant, but before we had a drink at hers. She had bought a big box with cars and street signs so they were busy, except the older sister who played solitaire.

It was the first time I had been in this restaurant which my Facebook group had recommended to me for especially good steak, as my son loves Belgian steak the meat is cut in another way as in other countries.

It was all very good and the kids of course had pasta. We had a nice evening.

The next day there was a pumpkin festival nearby and the two dads and me took the kids there. Mr. G. had his Formular 1 and not even a hurricane could detach him from the screen.

The kids had a lot of fun, with animal balloons and fishing ducklings but nobody won anytthing

After a huge hot dog and a drink we finally went home. The men bought pumpkins for a meal, I don't know any pumpkin recipe so I didn't buy anything.

Time went buy so quickly and suddenly it was time for them to return home because on Monday was school again.