12 May 2017


1. Good things come quickly to an end and Monday was my last day of my Egyptian holidays ! It was as if the hotel celebrated my departure because they started the morning with a special event.

First a frog showed up and greeted the guests,

A closer view

Followed by the staff making local music and the cooks carrying the tray around the beach. 

Arriving at the swimming pool it turned out that it was a "Fruit Festival" ! Fruits and also the food is delicious in this hotel, our so said "organic" was tasteless against it ! All guests agreed to that !

3. I spent the morning at the beach and said good bye and then dressed for "winter" and  had my last lunch there. At 2 am I was picked up by a bus and driven to the airport.

This time it went a little quicker and I only had to take off my shoes twice, I didn't ring when I went through the scan so everything went smooth. As I went to Brussels the plane was full of Belgians. I don't know but I was less controlled with my German passport and apparently was less suspicious than the Belgians, probably because of the terrorists who lived in Brussels ! Mr. G. picked me up and we were at home at 11 pm.

4. The next day the sun was shining fortunately, so it was less harder to get used to the colder weather !

Once I had unpacked my suitcase, Pookie took the opportunity and choose it as her new bed !

The afternoon I spent with Nicole on her terrace it was nice and warm and I told her about my holidays ! In November she will come with me because then I return !!

5. During our painting class, I didn't paint very much I mostly told about my holidays !

Nicole had retouched the sky of her horse painting and suddenly her horse had only 3 legs, the sky had covered the 4th ! We had a lot of fun with her horse because first it had 4 legs which were wrong then she added two legs which made 6 and then she took two away and had four and because of her sky she ended up with 3 ! That's why she is laughing so much and we too when we saw her master piece !

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8 May 2017


This is the last weekend in Hourghada tomorrow I return home into the cold, compared to here.

I spent the weekend as all other days after breakfast on the beach until lunch and then after lunch again on the beach, where usually I fell asleep !

Of course I have a lot to do, I have to swim to chat with different people mostly Germans and English, there are very few other nationalities.

This is my view around my beach bed.

Of course I also love to watch people, some of them make me laugh as this one

who walked around making selfies with different backgrounds !

Salesmen are walking around and talk people to death to convince them either to do an excursion, or watch fishes in a glass boat, or massages or hairdresser etc etc. To avoid to be disturbed I got a little red flag which I hang on my umbrella because after all these years I of course know all this.

I saw an Ibis eating a fish, but by the time I got my camera ready the naughty thing flew away !

I also like to find out the nationality of the people and bet with myself if they are Germans or from the UK. With the men it's very easy, all English men are tattooed at least I didn't find any without a tattoo, while the Germans are without any body art. A very big man with a golden chain around the neck I thought he was Russian and yes he was. Women are more difficult, maybe the English once have a little bit more weight and sometimes also tattoos.

This man was very brown and could compete with David Beckham.

I also saw a little lady with a pink face and white hair and thought she looks like Miss Marple so she MUST be English, but no, she was German ! She was very flattered when I told her what I thought. One thing they have all in common, they all like to laugh and make fun !

After having inspected the shower, three men then replaced the top of the shower, one worked, the second gave his opinion and the third did the survey (together with me !)

When I returned to my room at 5 pm, I found an alien in my bed, who held the remote control in his arms ! I put him on the other bed and had a new companion !

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