18 Aug 2023


Now we are mid August and still singing in the rain ! For once I am happy that I didn't travel, because there is fire or there is water or there are strikes, so it's better to stay home which came never in my mind

I did my shopping and then started to take pictures of my cat collection. That's quite a work ! But if it works then it's worthwhile ! To have an idea of the prices I am really surprised how expensive some cats are. I have a few Swarowski cats and they are all around 100 €. 

Have you ever tried to bring cash to a bank ? I don't know how it is in your country, but here it's a real joke ! First I had to take an appointment just to give the money to the employee. I told him that this takes five minutes. He said he is overloaded with work and I should use the cash machine. Now I always used the "hole in the wall" as they say in the UK when I need cash, but I had never put money in the "hole". So I went to the bank the employee sent me to the machine and pointed out, that it is really easy, but  if I need help to call him. I was the 4th in a looooong line, which I left and inspected the machine, which I knew very well, as I use it almost every day. I didn't find a hole to put my banknotes in, but for the card there was no problem. Then I read to put my pin code and push the button. The button ? which one, there was none, at least even with my glasses I didn't see any. I got angry and screamed through the whole bank MONSIEUR that thing doesn't work ! Appeared 5 people to help me but not the Monsieur. Now the bank doesn't even want money !  Indeed there was a tiny little button, on which I pushed and suddenly a big hole appeared (I nearly got a heart attack) a lady put my money in the hole, closed it, asked me to put my pin nr. and then I got a ticket. I thanked everybody and returned to my car where I checked immediately on my phone if the money had arrived and it had ! I thought I was a modern woman, but apparently I still have to learn. 

After this adventure I returned home to my cats ! 

There was Assumption day and everything was closed except the churches of course. I was surprised to see (on TV) that a lot of black Marias were carried around in little cities or villages. Belgium is a catholic country there is almost nothing else as religion.

Why the virgin is black I have no idea, but I will consult Wikipedia who knows everything. I went to Nicole who never participates in masses which take place on Fridays. So I always go on Fridays to see her.  We sat outside on the terrace and chatted with the others. Nicole is still amazing with her brain cancer, somebody said that she is a Ferrari in her head and the body is a 2 CV ! It was nice and sometimes sunny and we talked about our travels and that now apparently it's over, at least for her. Since Rick is gone, traveling doesn't inspire me at all. I have nobody who waits for me at home and that makes me uncomfortable. It's strange for years I traveled alone, but  when I came back I could tell him about what happened. I feel more and more like a plant without support. And that's not me, I always have be independent, and now ?

My landlord had sent me a long letter that he understood my situation and sent me all kind of papers as if I would leave tomorrow. This waiting time makes me crazy, besides my cats and other stuff I can sell I am hanging here around and have no energy for nothing. But at least I get dressed.

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17 Aug 2023


1. What motivates you to work hard? 

When I am in a hurry or stressed

2. It's been said "Ignorance is bliss"...is it? 

I had never heard this expression and asked my friend Google. What I found out was that it meant the same in German only the sentence is different :  "What I do not know will not hurt me"

3.Would you rather be stuck on a broken elevator or a broken ski lift? Explain. Have you ever actually been stuck on either? Of the common fears listed here what's your #1- heights-enclosed spaces-snakes-public speaking-the dark-flying.

A ski lift doesn't bother me as long as it is a cabin and not a seat where my legs would dangle, anyway I don't like winter sport. The only thing which scares me is when there is no key at my door, not at home of course. but in a hotel for example. I am afraid that somebody steps in my room on purpose or not, so what I do, I put a chair against the door which would wake me up when it falls. And then I probably would scream the whole hotel together !

4. What's something you like about the town or city where you live? 

I like the fact that we have a lot of different nationalities living here. Probably because there are two English speaking schools and also the famous Lion of Waterloo which became even more famous after the ABBA song !

5. Life is too short to_nearly every positive way

As I am still alive I could only give an answer when the end is near !

6. Insert your own random thought here. 

Now that I know a bit better my room in my retirement home, I am pondering, whenever I have nothing to do which furniture I will take along etc etc. For the moment I am busy to sell my cats and wonder how I will do it,  I can't let in 400  and something people in my apartment. Now I hope for an inspiration.

16 Aug 2023


A few years ago there was an exhibition in Li├Ęge maybe 100 km far from Brussels. It was about Salvatore Dali, who isn't my favorite painter, I don't know what he is certainly very talented in a lot of things, especially (that's my opinion) making fun out of us. 

So here are some of his creations, no paintings at all.


I admired his fantasy for that he is a real genius, but still I wouldn't buy anything and expose it in my living room, even if I had the money of a football star !


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13 Aug 2023



I saw a dancer dancing with a pole yesterday, so I wanted to try that too, but it hasn't worked out that well. When I am  ready  then I apply in a bar dancing on a pole !






Since I had stop the medication and followed Dr. Gattina, I put the new medication away, took out the medication I took last time and which me fit again. I still had a box left. And oh miracle, the fever was gone, I had no breathing problems and I walked normal or nearly I was still a little rusty from my week sitting in the chair, but when Dominique arrived I felt nearly normal, a little week. 

She as usual had it overdone and forgotten to take her pills so she shacked that I proposed her to work as a barmaid and make cocktails. That made her laugh and after 10 min she was normal again.

We had lunch then she made an afternoon map, while I watched my movie, from which I saw the beginning and the end. I made a nap too apparently. While we did our naps, the sun had come out and she wanted to see where I would like the last years of my life. 

We arrived there at 2.30 pm, I just wanted her to show the whole complex and she loved it. She said when it is time for her she would not go to another place then this one. 

We met the young lady from the reception and she showed us around. She even showed my friend my room. She couldn't believe it, such a huge room, she said you can take easily your sofa corner and table with you, make yourself an office for blogging and painting (???) and you still have room enough for a cupboard and your cat shelf, and the room still would  not  look overloaded. Of course the rooms are big it is an old castle and the ceilings very high too. 

In my room (Nr. 13 !!!), I am even allowed to put my own curtains at the windows take my bed with me and arrange my room like I want, only a toaster is not allowed in the bathroom. Anyway I don't eat toast !

Then she showed us the dining room, Breakfast is served in the rooms, lunch and supper in the dining room just like you wish.

Then we did a walk through the huge park ! People were sitting outside on the benches or on the terrace

They were very friendly and told us how nice it is here. In short from the 5 people we talked too not even one had something negative to say. I even met a lady who loves painting, has the same interests as my friend and me so we spent at least 45 min with her and she showed us her room, which was very cozy. She told us that she had cried for a month because she had to leave her house and now she is angry that she hasn't moved before.  

Having heard only positive descriptions and seeing the satisfaction on the peoples face, it was very good for me. With the lady who painted to, we thought we could make a painting group and teach the others. We also met a woman in boots and garden gloves who worked in an angle where they grow flowers or vegetables or whatever. She was angry about the weather which had destroyed most of her plants, apparently there are "green thumbs" there too. We also met a middle aged man who walked his mother in a wheelchair and he was delighted about the place !

Satisfied and happy we returned home and had an Italian Salad, which was so good that my friend ate the double of what I ate ! We watched a very funny movie with Bruce Willis who came from a Killer family, it was hilarious. 

And then we went to bed and I slept ....until 10 ! My friend until 9, we were exhausted from the day before.

I have never seen a mini golf like that in my whole life ! That's really one original, I wonder how look the sticks ??

And then we rested a bit on the terrace got a juice and were asked to come back soon !

I think I couldn't find a better place. It was with my apartment. I saw it, went in, fell in love and didn't even look elsewhere. When I think it over, it was the same with Rick. He would like it too, to one condition is there a Wifi ? 

On Sunday we had a potpourri of weather clouds, sunshine, no sunshine, only sunshine etc. I recovered from the day before and watched a film, listen to Britain got talent, I escaped to the country and looked with new eyes of what I will take with me. 

My poor son who will be away on holidays,  first a week in Switzerland and then return to Italy to his Daddy's Lake of Garda.  As this is a paradise of surfers, Toby had made a week of surfing when his school holidays started. And after that, I count on them to measure out my room exactly and imagine where we could put the furniture. Meanwhile I get rid of all things I don't need anymore.