9 Oct 2020


Instead of getting better it's getting worse ! Not everybody can be a medical miracle like Mr. Trump who defeated the Coronavirus in three days but had the opportunity to infect all people working for him and around him, which is very generous I think ! 

Anyway we were less lucky and couldn't even scrabble on Monday, which was the very first time since we started our Scrabble club. Three of us were still sick, and I still was feeling quite weak, so we cancelled it and everybody stayed at home ! I don't know what I did this day probably not very much or nothing. 

On Wednesday I went with Mr G to a shop who sells and adjusts hearing aids ! He pretended he didn't need one anymore, but I was fed up to shout all the time and repeat everything twice or remind him that I had told him but of course he hasn't heard ! 

I noticed that all hard of hearing people, pretend that they hear very well and even if they have an hearing aid, don't put them on. I even know somebody who understands always only half of the subject the rest she invents and puts on her hearing aid only when her son comes for a visit !  

We found a very nice one which doesn't work with these tiny batteries but with a charger ! Very easy to handle you put the hearing aids on the charger during night and in the morning it's ready again for 16 h. At least I don't need to shout anymore or only sometimes because he hears, but doesn't listen which is also typical for someone who doesn't hear so why should he listen ? 

Slowly I filled the empty shelf with some cats, but then was interrupted so I will continue another day !

As usual we wanted to have lunch together but again there were 3 missing so we cancelled this too !

Meanwhile the Sanitary rules have changed again and it becomes more and more difficult to understand. Now you can invite 4 people, and be 4 people in a restaurant (I will take two tables then, if we are more then 4 ) the restaurants remain open in the whole country, but they completely close all bars, and cafes and brasseries in Brussels ! And only in Brussels ! That's also a stupid rule, because the next little town is not far away or even across the street, where you can stay until 11 pm as it is the case in Waterloo. Therefore the bar owners are expecting a lot of people from Brussels !! Nothing has changed however for the public transport, where people are squeezed together like sardines in a can and no distance can be respected. 

All this absorbs my energy and at the end I just stay home; where should I go ? I don't like shopping, especially now, to go for a walk in a park is also impossible because of the awful weather, wind and rain.

Finally I went with M. to a shop which sells almost everything, and I bought a pyjama some household products, little trays and this !


Since we have to wear masks I think this one is better then the boring white or blue one and nobody can tell me that I don't respect the rules ! I only hope if ever I am stopped by the police they won't faint when I show them my face ! 

Halloween is not much celebrated in Belgium in the French part a bit but mostly for the children. I thought next time when I have my grandson on Whatsapp, I will say him hello with my new face ! That will be a surprise !! He doesn't know Halloween either because he lives in Amsterdam. 

Now another week is over and until mid November nothing will happen, we will continue staying home and meet friends (not more then 4, but I have always been bad in mathematics) 

At least I have this beautiful views out of our living room windows. The trees are still green.
and we often have wonderful sunsets !  

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diane b said...

It is getting boring for people on tight restrictions. We are lucky and our restrictions are not too bad. Hope you feel better soon and can have lunch with your friends again.

Linens and Royals said...

Sadly I am one of those people whose hearing aids stay in the drawer then wonder why people are mumbling. I have seen the rechargeable ones Mr G has but they are very expensive here so I only have the free ones from the government as I insist I don't really need them.
Masks are not compulsory so I never wear one. I have tried many different types but my glasses steam up and I can't breath. Perhaps I should try a Halloween mask like yours.

Gattina said...

Hearing aids are not free at all here ! The health insurance participates a bit each 5 years ! and they are indeed very expensive ! Ric is very satisfied with the new once because he doesn't have to do anything just put them on. They are cleaned by the employee of the shop and as the shop is 5 min away from home in the next building it's very easy ! We have really all doctors around here in walking distance.

mamasmercantile said...

Hope you feel better soon. Glad to read your hubby has got himself some new hearing aids, here's hoping he will get on with them and wear them. Loved the mask...

William Kendall said...

I like your mask!

DUTA said...

The green mask is spooky. Don't frighten your grandson with it!

Andrew said...

It must be so hard to have such high numbers as you are going into winter.

Willow said...

When the rules keep changing it is hard to keep up. I had to laugh when I read that you have always been bad at math.
Your trees look a bit like ours now--some yellow and red but mostly still green.
Enjoy your quiet weekend!

Susanne said...

The views out your windows would definitely make me happy. So pretty!

Barbara Harper said...

That is maddening when people who can't hear won't acknowledge they need aids, or people who have hearing aids don't wear them. That happened with my husband's mother. She couldn't hear us when we were shouting right next to her, yet insisted her hearing aids were fine. She did so much better with new ones. I don't think they had rechargeable ones then--that would have been so nice. When she was in assisted living, the aides just couldn't understand that the batteries had to go in a certain way, or that they even needed to be changed.

I'm sorry you weren't feeling well and your Scrabble meeting and other outings were canceled. Your views are lovely.

Tamago said...

That’s a fun mask you got! If you go out and are stopped by police...I’d love to know how they reacted :-D

Mara said...

I am just going along with it at the moment as worrying or complaining about it too much will not change one thing, either for me or for anybody else. So, I wear my mask, keep my distance and wash my hands raw.

My dad occasionally has to be reminded to put his ears in (as we call it). The charger idea sounds brilliant though. Much better than the tiny batteries that I would probably lose all the time if I were to need them.

Wendy said...

Hope you're feeling better by now. You might give Toby a fright wearing that mask. Yes hearing aids can be an issue. My hubby denied he needed them for a long time but once it was confirmed he did he has actually worn them all the time so I can't really complain. I'm the one usually at fault because I forget to look at him when talking or I speak too quietly. Yes the restrictions are sooo complicated! We made a trip to Nottingham to see the new Grandson just in time I think - they're expecting extra regulations next week which will prevent the mixing of households.

Loree said...

I like your new face :) It's all getting so confusing and it's so tiring to keep washing and sanitising hands and everything. I want to rewind to before all this started and the world was normal.

Faith said...

So......what WERE your blessings from the week??? 🤣 The green mask??!

Lea said...

My husband is a lot like yours, at least as to hearing. After years of denying he had a hearing problem, he finally got tested and got hearing aids. They are like your husband's, they plug into a charger at night. But he still hears only what he wants to!
Have a wonderful week!