7 Oct 2016


1. The week started with rain and it was cool. I had to put the heating on and I think now it's for good until spring ! Life style changed too, no way to sit outside anymore, now we are locked in for at least 6 months !

Since the birth of my grandson almost 6 years ago, I subscribed to Facebook. But I never used it, I just had an account to be able to see the pictures of my grandson my son posted on Facebook. So for 6 years I wrote on the "wall" mostly a link to my blog. I didn't know anything about Facebook. Then last Thursday, I was asked to create a Facebook page for our painting group ! Apparently I am the only one who is creative enough on a computer ! I started.

2. When you don't know how something works and have nobody to help you but Google and YouTube, it takes time to create a page and I was busy almost the whole day. At the end I came out with this :

and was quite satisfied with it. The only thing is now how to manage that thing as I am an administrator together with two others. That too was a brain storm how to add administrators !!

3. The sun came out again, at least it was brighter, but sun and warm jackets don't work for me I first have to get used to ! I don't like to sit in the middle of summer and winter !

My cat Kim was full of knots from the summer and I had to take her to the groomer ! She doesn't allow us to brush her and always runs away.

A lot of fur came out ! Enough for knitting pullovers !

4. Nicole had a lot to do to empty her kitchen, fortunately her daughter helped her. She has ordered a new kitchen. I dropped by to see the "mess", there is only the fridge still standing and she is now without kitchen for 2 weeks ! The micro wave stands in the living room !

We went together to the charity shop for battered women, I had quite a lot of toys from my grandson to give and Nicole cooking pots and books.

5. In our painting class we didn't paint very much, nobody was very inspired to paint but everybody was more then ready to chat. So we were like a chicken coop and cackled the whole morning only interrupted by a coffee break where we chatted ! There were so many things to talk about, from weather over politics to men and suddenly the light went off and we were all sitting in the dark. The electricity had gone. We heard people screaming in the lifts and nobody could go outside because of the electric doors. Fortunately it didn't last very long and we could go home. But instead of going home 5 of us went to the Chinese restaurant where we had an excellent meal. We arrived at 12.30 and left at 3 pm ! The owner probably thought we would spent the night there. But we had such a lot of fun and two spoke about their lives in African countries, with anecdotes causing a lot of laughter. A couple sitting at the table next to us, asked if they could join in and laugh too.

When I finally got home I thought it is really true, laughter is the best medicine ! For a while everybody had forgotten all worries and we all were in an excellent mood.

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5 Oct 2016


Arthur tried to make selfies !

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4 Oct 2016


It is now over 60 years that I live in Belgium and had never been at these lakes. My two friends who were born here neither ! As it was so hot this summer and most of the Belgians hurried to the sea which caused terrible traffic jams on the highways, we decided to discover the lakes ! And we discovered a paradise !

The Eau d'Heure lakes (French: lacs de l'Eau d'Heure) is a complex of five artificial lakes, forming the largest lake area in Belgium. Read more here

3 Oct 2016


I wanted to try out a new restaurant in this new built area in Waterloo. It looks very nice. Unfortunately we couldn't eat outside the weather had cooled down.

All restaurants make a special price for lunches and usually the prices vary between 10 and 15 € sometimes with drinks. I had been told that the food was very good and indeed it was delicious, it was the real sophisticated cuisine ! But !!

This was all we got ! Very nicely presented, but nothing for a hungry man or woman ! We just had enough and certainly not too much. As the restaurant is so new, the responsible wanted to know what we think. I told him that the food is delicious and well prepared, but the portions were too small for an adult man. He took note and we left, and had a coffee with a piece of cake at home. We won't certainly not go back there.

I went to visit Ilona, who couldn't walk because she had bumped into a step and her toe was all blue and swollen and it hurt ! She showed me the pumpkins she had bought on a special pumpkin market because she knows a lot of recepes to prepare sweet and salty plates and soups.

As she also has a cat collection she had bought this one which is glued on a cushion. It looked so real that I thought she had a new kitten ! But then I saw the kitten in the kitten and thought that this is not possible !

We had been so spoiled with the beautiful warm weather in the last few weeks that it was sad to see a grey and rainy sky on Sunday. I had to put the heating on because it was quite chilly. So I spent the day with TV and computer and caught up a lot of things I had neglected. Mr. G. played cards on his computer and the cats were laying around on sofa and beds. A lazy Sunday !