3 Oct 2016


I wanted to try out a new restaurant in this new built area in Waterloo. It looks very nice. Unfortunately we couldn't eat outside the weather had cooled down.

All restaurants make a special price for lunches and usually the prices vary between 10 and 15 € sometimes with drinks. I had been told that the food was very good and indeed it was delicious, it was the real sophisticated cuisine ! But !!

This was all we got ! Very nicely presented, but nothing for a hungry man or woman ! We just had enough and certainly not too much. As the restaurant is so new, the responsible wanted to know what we think. I told him that the food is delicious and well prepared, but the portions were too small for an adult man. He took note and we left, and had a coffee with a piece of cake at home. We won't certainly not go back there.

I went to visit Ilona, who couldn't walk because she had bumped into a step and her toe was all blue and swollen and it hurt ! She showed me the pumpkins she had bought on a special pumpkin market because she knows a lot of recepes to prepare sweet and salty plates and soups.

As she also has a cat collection she had bought this one which is glued on a cushion. It looked so real that I thought she had a new kitten ! But then I saw the kitten in the kitten and thought that this is not possible !

We had been so spoiled with the beautiful warm weather in the last few weeks that it was sad to see a grey and rainy sky on Sunday. I had to put the heating on because it was quite chilly. So I spent the day with TV and computer and caught up a lot of things I had neglected. Mr. G. played cards on his computer and the cats were laying around on sofa and beds. A lazy Sunday !


mamasmercantile said...

Disappointing about the portion sizes as the food looked good.

Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

I remember once taking our college student son to a restaurant like that (we had heard such good things and wanted to treat him when he visited) -- the look on his face I will never forget! (Imagine if it was not enough for a grown man, how it definitely wouldn't be enough for a still growing one!)....we never made that mistake again -- for us or for company. (And by the way, I have a healthy appetite myself!)))

peppylady (Dora) said...

For us american that lunch would be about $11.20 to $18.80.
Still reasonble price.
Coffee is on

Wendy said...

That cat certainly looks real. There are plans here to make restaurant chains either reduce the amount of sugar in desserts or reduce the portion size!