29 Sep 2014


Although it's a little cool in the mornings, it seems that summer has come back !

A nice opportunity to return to the Abattoir market in Brussels, this time with Nicole who had never seen this market as it was the abattoir of Brussels before, and of course that's not really a place you want to see ! We walked around bought fruits and Nicole found a case for her Asus tablet, perfectly fitting for less than half price she would have paid in a shop. I found finally a purse for winter, I had looked already for a long time, but all purses looked so dull, or were too small or too big, but here when I had no intention to buy a purse I found the right one.

I love it, everything I need fits in it ! Arthur seems rather bored. But as a white background he is OK.

After our walk we were hungry and as there are lots of restaurants or snacks in the market, we had a nice lunch.

Before we sat down we picked up Charlie whom we had left in my car to protect it (you never know). Nobody can approach the car he becomes ferocious ! He put his head on my lap, waiting for some pieces of meat and was delighted that our portions were too big for us so that he could clean up the plates just like a dishwasher !

A friend of my painting class has put her house on sale and to get rid of a lot of useless stuff, she did a Garage sale.

Of course I went there not to buy something, we have enough useless stuff ourselves, but just to say hello. There were others too and we sat on the street and she served a glass of Rosé. We had a lot of fun and she also sold several items. I finally bought a seat, which when you unfold it becomes a bed. This can always be useful when you have guests overnight.

On Sunday morning we had a chat with grandson Toby who enjoyed his breakfast. Skype is really great when you have family living far away from you.

Maybe for the last time I could sit outside in the garden, it was summery warm. Fortunately we hadn't put away yet the garden furniture for the winter  !


diane b said...

You pack a lot in your weekends. Love your new purse, You won't lose it easily.

Jo said...

Ha ha, so you did buy something from the garage sale, after all! We're having a great one when we go home in October. That purse is so "you"; Arthur makes the perfect backdrop. I always love seeing Charlie. Glad he's ferocious when it comes to protecting your car. My Rottweiler warned people in their cars as they drove along the highway behind our double cab, and he was in the back under the canopy! I still miss him... Enjoy that warmth! Jo

Fun60 said...

As usual we seem to share the same weather. Very warm here at the moment. I wondered if you would be able to resist buying at the garage sale!

Loree said...

Enjoy the nice weather. Cool purse :)

carol l mckenna said...

Delightful photography of your excursions ~ Wonderful and, of course, your doggie 'steals the show' for OWT! Thanks.

Happy Day to you.

artmusedog and carol (A Creative Harbor)

Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

It's very dangerous to go to garage sales, especially if you have a glass of wine while there ;>)! But you did end up at least buying something useful and not just another thing to clutter things up.

Linens and Royals said...

Charlie some trendy coffee shops here sell puppaccino for their trendy dogs like you. I'm sure there must be a trendy coffee shop in Brussels where you can buy one.